Hair Waxing Experience

by Lyn
(Phuket, Thailand)

An Embarrassing Evening Involving My Hair Waxing and a Party

I have soft, delicate skin. I take pride in having it because it is indicative of good health. However, it was only recently that I figured out that mine is too delicate, as the following hair waxing will reveal.

One of my friends who had a salon once called all friends, families and acquaintances to his salon, offering them all huge discounts.

I was on the privileged list. I had plans for the weekend, early evening massage followed by a cocktail party hosted by my office colleagues.

The massage was good and after which the masseuse offered removal of the hair in my arms. At first, I was a little apprehensive because I had never felt the need for arm hair removal.

However, I was so impressed by the massage that instantly I envisioned models and super stars in the magazines. I thought the transformation would have tremendous impact at the party.

So I asked the masseuse to use whatever she felt like. I felt pretty confident after the hair waxing was completed.

My arms looked so smooth!

Happily I went home and dressed quickly for the party. I felt slight irritation in my arms which I attributed to the tapes being yanked. As I drove, I felt a little itching in the arms.

As I stepped in, there was a lot of itching in my arms. I forced a smile and realized everyone I approached stared at me. I assumed it was because of my forced smile.

I flicked my hair back and tried to exude my charm but all seemed to draw away from me. Wondering why that could be, I tried my best to not scratch my arms which by that time I could have used sand paper to scratch.

The urge became overwhelming and I rushed to the bathroom. It was only then that I saw that while my face and hairdo were radiant, my arms looked like the skin of a boiled lobster!!

My arms looked a ghastly red with mini red bumps sprouting all over. This made me realize what was so repelling about my charm! I exited from the back gate and rushed to the doctor!

I have been nicknamed lobster arms at work since then and have always avoided hair waxing after which.

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