Hair today... Hope They Go Forever!

by Hardeep

So.. I'm in a job where I have to works stupid shifts and stupid hours and wear a horrid uniform( I work in security)

My daily routine is waking up brushing teeth having a shower getting changed and dashing it out the front door about 20 minutes before my shift starts! Oh and managing to put a line of eyeliner before I drive off the driveway!

I work in an environment where noone really cares if you've got hairy arms but a few jokes have been spread about some of the really hairy ones! (not me!)

I'm never too bothered about shaving my arms as my growth isn't slot however, as one of the most laziest people some people have met, lol, I can't b bothered to shave my legs and I definitely haven't had time to get them waxed! Purely cos my theory is that noone can see them at work!

My thought at work always used to be: if anything ever happens to me at work and I get taken to hospital they might need to check my legs for stuff... This thought was still not enough to make me shave them!! UNTIL!! Me and my colleague got into a scrap with a man wielding. Samurai sword!

Amongst it all he must have whacked it around my leg but at the time I didn't notice!

Anyway the ambulance was called for people with other injuries and as I stupidly complained About a pain in my leg..I was forced to see the paramedics!

I knew my legs looked like a hairy gorilla andinsisted I was ok!

To top it of the paramedic was HOT! at this point everyone knew I didn't wanna go in but couldn't understand why!

I was in fits of laughter that I was gna b the laughing stock! So anyway.. I lifted my trousr leg up to the paramedics horror..

I was so ashamed n couldn't even look at him I just kept my eyes close while he checked it for bruising and swelling. About 5 mins later I opened my eyes and 4 other team mates were stood there giggling'!!

I've never been so embarassed!!

I was the but of all jokes for about a year!! ;-(

After that day I have tried my damn hardest to be hair free on my legs!!

The lesson is.. Be hair free as you never no when someone may see your hairy body!!

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by: Kiran

Oh god that's too funny!! Surely the winner!!

by: Anonymous

Omg that's so funny!! Did you get anywhere with the hot paramedic??

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