Hair Removal - Thin Skin

by June west
(great britain)

Firstly I am female and I have thick hair growth on my arms and legs due to high levels of the male hormone. I wax regularly which takes a long time.

You state laser only permanently removes the hair that is in the anagen stage, does that mean that when each hair has been caught at this stage it will be permanently removed? Or if it isn't caught at this stage first time it can never be permanently removed?

I hope I've made my self understood. Also I have a large veracious vein in one leg can this be worked around? and if the skin is thin and lost elasticity can it still be used?

In your experience how many treatments could it take to make a noticeable difference and how long could each session take to treat both legs in full and also two arms to the elbow?

regards j west.

Reply Hi J West

I understand that you have a high level of the male hormone and that you normally use a hair removal method of waxing.

You asked if laser is permanent – unfortunately laser hair removal is not a 100% permanent hair removal method. It is actually a permanent reduction method.

What normally happens is that when hairs are caught during an anagen phase (also known as the growing phase), then these hairs will not normally grow back again. However in some cases hair follicles can be stimulated again and start to grow hairs again.

This could be due to increased stress levels or due to an intake of new medication. It is especially the case if you have a high level of the male hormone, this may explain why you have had a sudden growth spurt.

Regarding Varicose veins, normally therapists should be able to work around the veins. But you will need to come in for a consultation which will enable the therapist to have a closer look at the area and confirm this.

What they may do is leave a gap around the circumference of the vein. However if they find that there are numerous veins situated in one particular area, for example if there were several on just your thighs. Then they would be unable go ahead with the treatment.

We need to know what has caused your skin to go very thin, are there any underlying factors? Do you intake any medication such as steroids, or has something caused trauma to the area.

We would need to examine the area before passing judgement on whether we can go ahead with laser treatment on the skin. If your skin is severely thin then we would probably be unable to do the laser. Often things such as prolonged use of laser can even cause the skin to thin out.

We do need to further assess your situation but majority of our mature female clients have not had any problems with the laser, but they tend to have thick skin.

You asked for my personal opinion on how many sessions you would need until you can see a noticeable difference. To be honest due to the fact you suffer from high levels of the male hormone it is very unpredictable to see results within the first six sessions.

You may find that at some points the hair growth is stunted and kept at bay but then if all of a sudden your hormones flare up then you will get a growth spurt.

We have had clients come here who suffer from PCOS and are having laser treatment on their legs and arms. They see a good reduction but it has not taken away majority of the growth due to their hormones playing up at unexpected times.

If you have no hormonal imbalance, you have a good health and are not taking any medication. Then in this case normally it will take 6 – 12 sessions on the legs to see quiet a good reduction. I personally am happy with my laser treatments, as I have had 10 sessions on my legs so far and have seen around 80% of a reduction.

With the arms, regardless of someone’s health or hormonal situation, this area is more difficult to treat and you would be expected to have top – up sessions after your initial 6 – 12 sessions. The reason for this is because majority of the hairs on the arms, tend to be finer.

My best advice is that you come in for a free consultation, allowing the therapist to take a better look at your skin and the hair growth. We will conduct a patch test in order to ensure that your skin is suitable for the treatment.

You will need to bare in mind that as you suffer from high levels of the male hormone, which will affect your laser treatments so you will need a lot more sessions and will also need to follow a maintenance course of top ups.

Your results will be slower than other clients that do not have any hormonal imbalances.

All the best


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