Hair Removal Laser Lots of Pimples

Hi i have been receiving hair removal laser and i have got quite a lot of pimples grown on my back and arms ever since i started the laser.

I had 4 treatments of laser and was wondering if those pimples will go or what to apply to get rid of them

Reply Hi,

It really depends on what type of pimples you've got. If you get the normal, sort of heat rashy pimples they normally disappear within seventy-two hours to a week. They normally all disappear, and that's probably simply your hairs are quite thick and that's sort of a minor reaction, I would call that.

So it's not an adverse reaction, it's quite normal.

You can take histamine tablets to calm that down if you find your skin gets itchy and irritated after the laser, or you can actually cool the area down after the treatment. So do go back and discuss it with your therapist because if they start cooling the area down after the treatment you may need to add on ten, fifteen minutes to your treatment time and that does help a lot.

Applying aloe vera gel on the area for about forty-eight hours and afterwards applying sudo cream really helps you get rid of those pimples on your back, but if you've got very, very thick hairs on your back and your skin's quite sensitive then those pimples seem to be quite normal. We have waxing clients that have their backs waxed, their arms waxed and they get white little spots.

But as long as you're cooling, keeping the skin clean they do disappear.

But do speak to your therapist, they may want to introduce some sort of cooling method into your treatment as well.

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