Hair Regrowth for Women

People often make the mistake that hair loss is strictly a male disease, but a large percentage of women also suffer hair loss. And today, the number of women experiencing hair loss is increasing considerably.

Female pattern hair loss is quite different from men. As most of us know, for men it usually begins in front and progresses to the top. For women, hair loss tends to be evenly distributed across the scalp, without definite bald patches.

Certainly, some women might develop a male-pattern baldness with age or when there is excessive production of male hormones in the body. But male pattern baldness is still quite uncommon.

Women Like to Hide Their Hair Loss with Styling

The thing is, women are very good at hiding their hair loss. They will tend to style their thin hair away. They rely more on their hair styling skills to hide thinning hair rather than seeing a hair restoration specialist. 

Often you will see a woman with hair pulled back that looks like a little fake bun. She has pulled it back because she has hair loss in the middle. It is ironic that women are so exceptionally good at hiding hair loss, since at the same time, they tend to take better care of their hair than men. 

Anyway, women suffer from female pattern hair loss by the gradual thinning of hair caused by various factors. The growth of the hair is slowed down and new hair becomes thin and rare, and eventually the scalp can be seen through the hair.

The problem is that eighty percent of women will go to their stylist first, thus losing valuable time to get their hair restored. And they are still losing their hair as they attempt to hide it with styling.

Why Women Lose Their Hair

The causes can be several and include stress, restriction of the blood supply, a poor nervous system and hormonal influences. Thirty percent of women have genetic hair loss. And that doesn't include traction, hormonal, and other health issues.

So a lot of women, 50% of all women by middle age, will have noticeable hair loss. Often they suffer from a lack of estrogen during menopause, which can cause loss of hair. Many women that we treat here have hormonal imbalances and our treatment definitely works for them. 

Thyroid is another big problem for many women. If they treat their thyroid, they’ll lose less hair. But they still come to us for help anyway to more fully regrow their hair. Anemia, or lack of iron, is also an issue for a lot of women. All of these contribute and we can help women in any of these cases.

More Young Women Suffer Hair Loss

Nowadays there are younger women suffering hair loss. Hormonal, postnatal, and birth control are all the things that can cause hair to fall out. Thyroid disease, anemia, poor blood circulation, rapid weight loss, not enough protein, chemicals, heavy metals, chemotherapy, radiation exposure, all different types of scalp disorders, and stress and anxiety can cause hair loss as well.

Hair Regrowth Very Important for Women

We understand that hair loss for a woman is a psychological disaster. Studies show that among women over fifty, 29% admitted being scared, 47% felt embarrassed, 15% felt unattractive, and 28% actually felt paranoid about their hair loss. It's a real big emotional burden for women.

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