Best Hair Regrowth Treatment

Colaz now offers hair restoration therapy and has partnered with HLCC, a global leader in hair regrowth treatments and laser regrowth.

The plans we offer you have been developed by doctors over the last 30 years. We custom tailor our hair restoration programs
with a variety of treatments based on our clients' individual needs.

Best Hair Regrowth Treatment

That's why it is important that you tell us everything about your hair loss so we can choose what is best for you personally. Without a serious consultation, it's like talking to an orthopedic surgeon and saying, "Hey Doc, my knee hurts. How much?" The surgeon doesn't know whether he should give you two Advils and send you home or replace your knee. 

So, after you have come in for a consultation, we can tell whether we need to give you one or two products, a small kit, or whether you could use the whole laser program. It depends on your needs, your goals, your history.

The Colaz Multi-Therapeutic Approach

Our best proven hair regrowth treatment is what we call the multi-therapeutic approach. It is a combination of different programs that basically has four components. First, a scalp cleanser called the Colaz Scalp Therapy, which is applied with a little dropper.

You use this to get rid of the sebum buildup. Sebum is common on many people and is a buildup of oils that sometimes blocks the hair follicle.

Then, there is our Colaz Complete. It is the best DHT blocker on the market. It combines hair nutrition and a marine concentrate that has been proven in six clinical studies to regrow hair. 

Third, we apply Colaz Re-Stim for complete hair nutrition. Lastly, we'll do a vasodilation with our Low Level Laser Therapy, which produces more blood flow. So you get blood providing nutrients and energy, then hair nutrition

a DHT blocker, and scalp hygiene… all proven ways that help to regrow hair. 

Best Hair Regrowth Routine for You

To start the process of hair restoration, the first thing to do is get rid of the buildup. Typically, we shampoo with our Colaz DHT Blocking Bio-Therapy Shampoo. It is very mild and not irritating. By the way, a lot of the shampoos on the market have sodium lauryl sulfate and Cocamide DEA.

You won't believe it, but those are engine degreasers! That's what they were originally designed to do, degrease engines. They have actually been proven in clinical studies to irritate the hair follicle for up to a week.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that if you're seriously irritating your hair follicle every day, you are not creating the ideal environment for your hair to grow in. The shampoo we offer is very mild and it contains DHT inhibitors. DHT, again, is the major cause of hair loss, so this shampoo helps block and clean some of the DHT out. 

So you shampoo. You take either two tablets in the morning or ideally, one in the morning, one in the evening. Finally, before you go to bed, you put 1 ml of Colaz Scalp Therapy with a dropper on the areas that you are treating. 

In fact, it's a pretty simple routine and anyone can do it. Here at Colaz we understand that hair loss might be a real issue for many people, but now with our advanced treatment you get a chance to bring your hair back. Believe us: you are not alone, as we are here for you.  

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