Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

Most of our clients go for the Colaz Complete Program to combat aggressive hair loss (alopecia). It's a multi-therapeutic hair restoration program that inhibits DHT (the major cause of hair loss), provides complete hair nutrition, and stimulates your hair’s natural growth cycle with proven Minoxidil formulas.

These are formulas that we have enhanced in 8 different ways.

The Complete Program can include Colaz Re-Stim, which contains a saw palmetto berry extract and aloe for soothing. Our Re-Stim does include some alcohol, about a quarter of what most products do.

For that reason, we also offer a non-alcohol alternative. 

Try Our All Natural Program for Non-Alcohol Treatments

For people who are sensitive to alcohol or who want to stay 100% natural, we offer our All Natural Program. In this program, we've replaced the Re-Stim with Colaz Maximum Growth Therapy, or MGT. It is a truly unique formula that contains no alcohol and is completely natural. It contains 11 DHT blockers, among them biotin, saw palmetto, and cysteine.

We combine these natural ingredients with our Colaz Scalp Therapy, which dissolves the sebum buildup clogging the hair follicles, promotes scalp hygiene, and aids our topical sin penetrating deep into the follicles. It has a high concentration of B vitamins that are essential for healthy hair, and it can get rid of dandruff flakes.

Our Maximum Growth Therapy (MGT) exclusive formula provides hair with protein and gets all the nutrients directly into the hair follicle. That’s why it’s great for dandruff as well, which means it’s also beneficial for younger people.

For example, an eighteen-year old with dandruff purchased our shampoo and scalp therapy. She has lots of hair, but she had dandruff, which is quite unpleasant for a young woman. That scalp therapy got rid of it and the all-natural program made her hair thicker and more manageable at the same time. Dandruff gone, she is thrilled.

An Extra Benefit from Our Natural Remedy for Hair Loss

The All Natural Program is truly multifunctional. It increases blood supply, provides B vitamins and DHT blocking. And it’s a solution for people who are more sensitive to alcohol. As an added bonus, it helps get rid of dryness while boosting the growth of nice thick hair. MGT is also a natural alternative to Minoxidil.

An extra benefit of MGT is that one of its ingredients is saw palmetto. It's a berry, and it's the most famous DHT blocker used in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Besides causing hair loss, one of the other things that DHT does to men is it enlarges their prostate. 

So 90% of the doctors in those countries will opt for supplemental berry extract, pygeum bark, instead of prescribing finasteride or Propecia. That’s because one of the side effects of Propecia and finasteride is erectile dysfunction in some men. 

So it's proven not only to help block DHT to your hair, but also your prostate. It is a very good, healthy product for men and it's safe for women, too. So if you are not sure about the Complete Program, you can always choose our All-Natural Program for healthier, thicker hair. 

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