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Top Hair Loss Products

As we know, DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone, is the major cause of hair loss in both men and women.

Blocking that DHT is one of the ways to stop hair loss. Luckily, we can successfully do that thanks
to our variety of top hair loss products.

Colaz Re-Stim

Our enhanced product Colaz Re-Stim, for instance, blocks DHT both internally and topically. That's because it contains saw palmetto berry extract, which is clinically proven to inhibit DHT.

It also speeds up the hair growth cycle and is the product most often used by people with aggressive hair loss.

Colaz Hair Loss Products 2

Complete Program Combines Nutrition with a Marine Concentrate

Then there is the Colaz Complete, the best DHT blocker on the market. Complete hair and nutrition products combined with a marine concentrate are proven in six clinical studies to re-grow hair. 

For those allergic to shellfish, we offer AA Plus as an alternative. It is as efficient as the Complete, but with no shellfish. So if a person doesn't want to take shellfish, either because they're allergic or for other reasons that cause them not to want it, they can take the AA Plus. Also, the AA Plus doesn't contain zinc. So, if you also have a problem with zinc, you will be fine with AA Plus. 

Colaz Hair Loss Products 3

The Multi-Therapeutic Approach

In addition to the Complete program, we offer you the Multi-Therapeutic approach. This is a potent combination of different programs and products.  

First, we feature a scalp cleanser called Colaz Scalp Therapy. It's applied with a little dropper. Scalp Therapy gets rid of the sebum, soothes irritating itching scalp, and aids in the penetration of Re-Stim or Maximum Growth Therapy, whichever you are using.

(Colaz Maximum Growth Therapy is a unique formula designed to stop hair loss using 11 topical DHT blockers and nutrients.) Scalp
Therapy has a high concentration of vitamins that nourish your hair as well. 

Next, we apply our Colaz DHT Blocking Bio-Therapy Shampoo to clean the hair without irritating it. This shampoo has eleven DHT inhibitors and is
sodium laurel sulfate and Cocamide DEA-free. These are the chemicals found in most shampoos that seriously irritate and damage the hair. 

We are also pleased to offer our T-Strong conditioner, which is a great hair strengthener. It helps your combing so you won't pull out hair when it's
wet and tangled. It adds all-important strength and elasticity to your hair. Also, as many people use extensions to try to hide the hair loss, our
T-Strong helps stop the breakage. So this is a terrific product from a styling standpoint. 

Lastly, hair loss might be caused by pulling hair really hard or straightening. If you do straighten your hair, we have a product that you will love,
which is more of a styling product. It's called Silk Nectar. It has lots of silk protein in it and it's also great for frizzy hair. When you have
those frizzy hair days, you just put a little drop in your hair to make it look great. 

So, these are some of our top hair loss products that you can use for better, thicker hair. 

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