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by R.M


I am an Indian girl and went for a trial session for laser at a center in Dubai - Cocoona.

I had peach fuzz and not much hair on my face except on the chin and under. However after one session of Alexandrite laser I noticed more growth of hair on some areas of my face.

When I went back I was told that it generally does not happen however it could, and this will go in the subsequent sessions.

I did not intend to continue with laser however not I think I will have to consider the same. I am just scared that my hair growth will increase in the subsequent sessions.

Also this is a reputed place and the Doc was authentic, is t possible that my body is not suitable for laser? I have also come to know that before every laser session shaving is required however I was not shaved before my session.

Even if I were would it not make my hair grow back thicker, I feel that even after waxing. I would also like to know that between my sessions would my face have pepper spots as to where the hair follicles have been attacked.

Wouldn't it look really ugly ?

Hope to hear from you soon


I understand you have had treatment done with the alexandrite laser for fine hairs. You stated that your hairs were "peach fuzz" hairs, unfortunately if you have had laser treatment on that type of hair growth you will not see much results because the hairs are too fine.

Laser actually works better on darker and thicker hairs, the clinic should have actually advised you not to have laser treatment done, even though the alexandrite laser is a good laser for slightly finer hairs, but if you have peach fuzz hairs it is not going to work.

Prior to your treatment you must always shave before you go in, if they have done treatment on the actual growth and the growth is still present, this can still give good results but it is best to always shave to avoid any burns or singeing of the hairs.

You are not supposed to be doing any waxing, threading etc with the treatment, as occasionally what happens is if you have treated very fine hairs it can actually stimulate more growth, we have actually experienced this with clients, and do not treat those clients with peach fuzz hair.

Your better option is to go for Electrolysis or other methods of hair removal. Electrolysis is probably the best method because it’s 100% permanent and works on finer hairs.

I understand that now after the laser treatment your hairs have come back thicker and there is more of them but unfortunately you are in a situation where you would need to carry on with the laser treatment in order to make your hairs return to their original and finer way again.

My best advice is to contact your clinic and see what they can actually advise you to do.

Regarding your question about whether your face would have "pepper spots" due to the laser, occasionally what can happen, if your skin is sensitive you can have breakouts of whiteheads or little black dots which are the hair follicle, after the treatment roughly ten days later this will disappear.

I hope this has helped, if you have any more questions feel free to email me,

Thank you.

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Jun 12, 2014
by: turkishgirl

Do you know any reputable and good place for electrolysis in dubai ? Please...

Apr 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

Stop getting laser treatment on your face. Please go get electrolysis.its the safiest application for face to remove hair.

Jan 23, 2013
This is what I experienced in Dubai.

I have tried many clinics in Dubai (Silkor, Kaya, etc.). They are all the same (pay a lot, commercially driven and no honest advice). The one clinic I came across through a friend of mine is called Dermaline Cosmetic Skin & Laser Clinic. It is run by an honest, down to earth doctor (Sima) and she and her sister are running this clinic like a family owned place. They gave my the right service while they could have sold me much more. I feel comfortable going there and I know that their treatments and services are not driven by $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

They are located in Jumariah (Wasel Road) very close to Safa Park on the main street. Unfortunately they do not have a web site last time I checked but they have a fan page

Their tele is 04-3420022

Good luck..

Apr 23, 2012
Laser Hair Removal at Cocoona Dubai UAE
by: Anonymous

I am in exactly the same situation as you. I am an Indian living in Dubai and went for a laser hair removal session for my face - at Cocoona.

I had a Cedars coupon and wanted to know whether I was suitable for the laser session or not. I had very small and light hair and Dr. Dalia said we could use Alexandrite laser for the same and treated my whole face.

After 3 months I noticed that the hair was stimulated and there was more growth. I went back to report the same and she said oh well it could happen and we need more sessions for treating.

However upon doing research and going to other places I realised :

1. Small, vellus hair are not to be touched and most places do not offer treatment for such type of hair

2. Alexandrite laser is not to be used on type 3 skin tone

I am going to start electro epilation from Silkor now. As it is the matter of the face I am really upset that I was not given information prior to getting my laser session.

Now that I know you too have faced a similar problem from going to the same place, we should make people aware that they should rather chose to go else where to get their treatments done.

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