Great experience at colaz for facials in London

by Rina Bindra

The customer service at colaz was absloutley brilliant when I first went in to the London branch for my facial. It was fairly quick to get an Appointment for myself and the facial results were outstanding. The staff were very friendly and helpful, there was absolutely no waiting time, everything was really smooth and extremely Good.

The results on my skin have really shown a great amount of improvement. It has reduced my pores and a glow in my skin has also appeared as well as removing my dead skin. It Definatley makes your skin feel very fresh.

I've had facials from a couple of other places but I think colaz is the best one so far. I've had around four facials done and I will Definatley be getting more done. The fact that there are four locations also makes it very flexible to where you want to go especially the fact that I work it's extremely convenient for me. A couple of my friends who also used colaz for facials and lazer had recommended it to me at first, but I wasn't too sure.

After getting the facials done I have realised it is Definatley worth getting done especially if you want young and glowing skin. I feel a lot more confident with my skin then I used too. I would Definatley recommend Colaz to everyone!

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