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Hair Removal Contest Story Entries

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Waxed for Charity Not rated yet
It was the 16th November and myself and my Husband Andrew attended a charity night at a local social club for Zoe's Place. It came to the part were …

Moustache? What moustache?! Not rated yet
A couple of years ago, I was getting ready for meeting the girls for a spot of dinner. As I was running my bath, I decided to dab some depilatory cream …

Wax Bikini LIne Not rated yet
One beautiful evening (if it was summer or winter, I don't fully remember), I, quite stupidly in hindsight, decided to wax my bikini line. Now, there was …

Accidental eyebrow removal Not rated yet
Exactly one month on from our wedding, I woke up early and decided to make a pancake breakfast for my lovely hubby. He loves breakfast in bed and I love …

I'm so hairy I scare the Dog. :-(  Not rated yet
Oh woe is me I'm hairy too hairy to even say, I even scared my puppy Ben, he saw me and ran away! I can plait my underarms, and the moustache on …

Hairy Lower Back "Boys tell stories..." Not rated yet
Probably we've all been there. Ski resort,winter holiday, away from home, having a few drinks in a bar, meeting cute boy and deciding to go home with him. …

Never Immac your intimates!! Not rated yet
Years ago I started dating this guy and we had been on a few dates. I was due to meet him that evening and didn't have time for a bikini wax so on the …

Waxing Hair Removal For My Mustache lady Not rated yet
My trip to the mustache lady I have to go every 3 weeks or so to get my mustache done horrible genetics! ,but it was the time of the month, …

Wax Hair Removal - No More! Not rated yet
It was a warm summer day and I had a meeting to attend. I was busy with the children all day and before I knew it, it was almost time to leave. I rifled …

Bare arm fiasco Not rated yet
I never liked having hairy arms so when I was about 12 I decided to copy my mum and shave all the hair off. I regret it now because I decided to stop shaving …

Worlds Scariest Hair Removal Experience Not rated yet
Many moons ago, I decided that enough was enough. For years I had suffered jibes about my mono-brow 'Ooooo - are you angry? Why do you only have …

From Epilation To Dislocation Not rated yet
I know a woman who was so pleased with her freshly epilated legs that she went into the kitchen and gleefully threw one onto the sideboard to show off …