Getting To the Root Cause in Bikini Waxing

by Joyleen
(North Harrow)

I tried the DIY method once. All I can remember from the horrible ordeal can only be summed up in one word; pain.
Barely a week had passed when I noticed that I was developing lots of painful pimples, which I later found out were some ingrown hairs.

I am the type that really gets uncomfortable if I have to be naked in the presence of a stranger especially if they’ll be working on my most intimate parts. The beautician was really professional she ensured that I had the best experience. I donned a paper thong because I couldn’t afford to bare it all; it’s not like I was going to the gym or something.

The first thing I learnt about bikini waxing and waxing in general is; if doesn’t hurt, then it isn’t done right. I had the waxers job cut out for her because I had already trimmed part of the hair back home with a razor. I wanted actually to reduce the time I had to spend on the treatment table.

The other thing I learned is that the beautician has to work really fast because it usually means less discomfort. The warm wax was gently introduced and then she pressed a piece of cloth firmly before the wax lost the heat. As soon as the wax cooled she ripped off the fabric and off went the hairs together with their roots
It did cause some pain, but it was worth it. She tweezed some of the corky residual hairs and even had to redo an area I was not satisfied with. She then spreading some lotion over the tender area gave me some tips on how to manage the discomfort after any bikini waxing session, and I was good to go.

It was the best experience I’ve ever had on the waxing table. Give it a try girls, it’s worth the pain.

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