The UK's leading skin clinic
The UK's leading skin clinic
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CoLaz is looking for talented franchisees that have a passion for aesthetics.

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  • Expert Team of
  • Over 1 Million
    Treatments Delivered
  • Award-Winning
    Clinics Across the UK
  • Rated 92%
    On TrustPilot
  • 9 Clinics
    Across the UK

Introduction To CoLaz Aesthetics Franchise Opportunity

Are you looking for a business opportunity to give you more freedom and allow you to be your own boss? If so, then CoLaz Aesthetics Franchise Opportunity is right for you!

In contrast to other aesthetic franchise models, CoLaz Clinic allows our franchisees to own 100% of their business and keep all net profits.

Our franchisees enjoy many benefits, including flexible schedules, high-income potential, ongoing training & support and much more. Are you interested in learning more about becoming a franchisee?



You own 100% of the business and keep 100% of the profits.


Flexible schedule for you to grow your clientele on a part or full-time basis.


Ongoing training & support from experts in the aesthetics and beauty industry as well as CoLaz franchisees.


High-income potential through regular clientele and word-of-mouth referrals.


An initial investment of £220,000 to start up a clinic with the help of our experienced franchise development team.


Low monthly royalty fees.

How Much Does It Cost to Start an Aesthetics Clinic Franchise?

Setting up the franchise will require around a £220,000 investment. You invest £100,000 and the bank lends the remaining amount. Our business model is based on you owning 100% of your business so you keep 100% of your profits.

Why Join Us?

CoLaz Clinics is one of the premier laser hair removal & aesthetics clinics in the UK. We have been franchising since 2014 and are now a leading player in the industry with 10 locations in the UK.

The skincare and aesthetics industry has consistently shown growth in the UK no matter what state the economy is in because people always want to look their best.

CoLaz has a proven business model for high demand that operates on target demographics. Not only does CoLaz work with women, but men are looking for singular services to keep up their grooming and beauty needs.

A booming aesthetics industry paired with lucrative profit margins is the perfect combination for entrepreneurs seeking franchising opportunities.

“My ambitions were telling me to move up and on as I have always strived to succeed at new challenges. And at the time, I was considering the franchise move; I lived in this country for 21 years. I wanted to become the most that I could be, and I felt that opportunity lay with CoLaz. The support has and continues always to be there. Being part of CoLaz was a major transition for me, and it is thanks to the support given by the franchise that it has been awesome.”

Kam Kaur
Derby Franchisee

“We saw an opportunity in the industry to make money, and CoLaz already had a very well-established brand. We were impressed with the owner’s attitude and business skills, and CoLaz also provided immediate training, so Lalita was able to do the required courses with them.”

Dr Jani
Harrow Franchisee

“Being the boss of my clinic has always been my dream, and CoLaz helped it happen so quickly. I had the idea in August 2016, we found a property together by November, and we signed the contract in February 2017. The following year it was all so quick! Manroop and Surinder gave me so much more than support too, they helped me realise my dream, and without them, it would never have happened.”

Negar Soureshi
Reading Franchisee

How Can I Find Out If CoLaz Is The Right Fit For Me?

We look forward to hearing about your interest in CoLaz Clinic. Would you please fill out our franchise enquiry form and a member of the team will contact you with more information?

After this point, a follow-up meeting will be arranged with the franchisor in which financial information and additional details about the franchise agreement will be disclosed. After signing a confidentiality agreement, you’ll then move on to selecting an optimal location for your clinic unit and becoming thoroughly acquainted with all of our best practices before opening day.

    Contact us

    Please be assured we will treat your private information with strict confidentially and will only be used for our internal purposes.


    I am at least 16 years of age.I have read and accept the privacy policy.I understand that you will use my information to contact me or send me the information I requested.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, it is of course your plan but we will help and guide and provide a template which you must complete yourself as social-economic aspects such as labour costs and rents will differ across the UK.

    Yes, having received the prior permission of the franchisor who must approve the new purchaser, to ensure that they have the financial status and credentials to operate a CoLaz franchise successfully under the current terms of the Franchise Agreement.

    This is dependent upon your individual finances and credit references. All of the major banks have a Franchise Department and are used to dealing with potential Franchise Owners. The CoLaz Franchise has been submitted to the Franchise Departments for familiarisation with the opportunity.

    As this is a retail franchise-type opportunity there is a comfort zone around your clinic, this is one district postal code, as an example, in the case of the Paddington Clinic this will be W2; this will provide adequate peace of mind.

    You need no formal qualifications as the management team/franchise owner but your staff will need to be suitably qualified, we have our own in-house training centres where this will be provided at preferential rates to the franchise owner.  The franchise owner will enjoy a discount on the current rates.  Our partner colleges are certified to train at NVQ levels 2, 3 and 4.

    The franchise owner will be guided by the CoLaz management, and they will use local contractors to follow the format, this is at the franchise owners own cost and should be budgeted for within the business plan.  The theme room will be provided by a specialist CoLaz contractor; this again will be at an additional cost.

    CoLaz will provide specialised equipment via nominated suppliers at preferential rates, likewise, the after-treatment products will be provided at preferential rates allowing attractive margins of profitability for the franchise owner.

    As it can be advantageous to fund the specialist equipment not only from a tax point of view but also from a cash flow aspect, CoLaz have access to an independent fund management company which will help with capital purchases and the refurbishment of the salon, further details will be provided upon request

    In addition to discounted prices, we will also have loyalty from the manufacturers for aftersales and after service provisions.


    There is an ongoing 8.5% Royalty fee, based on the total turnover net of VAT.

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