Foot Massage Therapy by CoLaz for Holistic Health Benefits

Foot massage therapy has been practiced for centuries - and for good reason. The components of a foot massage, reflexology, and foot zone science, all benefit other parts of your body as well.

CoLaz offers this service as the quickest way to feel better all over with minimal time and effort. Get some pep in your step with massage therapy on feet.

What is a Foot Massage?

This technique of massage is informed with the science called Foot Reflexology which involves applying pressure on feet with certain techniques. It is based on a scheme of zones and reflex areas.

CoLaz offer this, along with other massage therapies for a completely relaxing session for you.

Why Foot Massage?

Whether you have a job that requires you to sit for hours or one that has you on your feet for the whole day, the fact is that our feet bear the brunt in any case. We usually ignore foot health till it becomes a problem. But mobility is one of the most important and overlooked health factors.

In the same way that pedicures are necessary for nail health, a reflexology massage is a requirement for healthy, happy, and functioning feet, ankles, and toes.

Collapsed arches, bruised heels, and toe problems can all be caused by poor posture or improper gait and footwear. It’s important to support your feet because your feet support you!

A great way to prevent lots of health problems is by seeking out experts like CoLaz in foot massage, reflexology, and foot pressure points.

Both these practices affirm that areas of feet relate to other areas of the body, including organs and system functions. The benefits of foot reflexology includes:

Improved Circulation – stimulates blood vessels and helps valuable nutrients filter to the areas that need them.

Lymphatic Drainage and Cleaning – detoxifies your whole body by circulating oxygen through your bloodstream.

Relaxation – alleviates tension and anxiety; not only that, the solar plexus reflex, located in your feet, is a trigger for releasing dangerous built up stress.

Homeostasis – helps all your bodily systems sync up in harmony for inner and outer balance.

Stronger Immunity – relaxation brought on by a foot massage translates into the prevention of stress, and stress is what breaks our immune systems down, allowing colds and viruses to get in.

As you can tell, foot massage therapy is a vital treatment to stay at your utmost wellness. Your work, home, and personal lives can’t afford to be put on pause by sickness or injury.

Make an effort to stay well and contact CoLaz today to get started with a no-obligation consultation or get an appointment.

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