Affordable Full Body Laser hair Removal London

by Kiri Chaundy

I am nearing the end of my course of six sessions for full body laser hair removal. My sessions began with the Soprano and I am now being treated with the Yag.

Since my initial visit to the London branch for my patch test I have met a lot of different staff members all of whom have been extremely informative, professional and friendly.

They are always very helpful when I've had questions about the treatment and very flexible and accommodating when arranging my appointment times.

The actual process of hair removal has been very successful. I have completed five sessions and already my legs appear noticeably smoother and the are pretty much hair free. The hair on my bikini and under arms is taking longer but these areas are known to be more stubborn.

My last two sessions on these areas will be with the Yag machine which is supposed to be stronger and more effective. So I am hopeful these areas will be hair free by the end of my treatment course.

Overall I would recommend Affordable Laser as I feel they offer a safe, professional and friendly service and that they care about their clients and the treatments that they perform.


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Cheap and best! Great value for money eyebrow and upper lip threaded

by Meg
(Edgware Road)

I was looking for cheap options to get my eyebrow and upper lip threaded. I was surprised to find something below £5 (both included) in the city center in London! This was my first visit. Great service.

I want to make visits only to Colaz in future. I asked for a loyalty card even :D

This is the most affordable place I found in UK. The place is very clean and professional. The staff is very friendly and courteous. I was served without even a pre booked appointment and was literally done within 10 mins.

I am excited to get my first microdermabrasion done with Colaz soon. I recommend all girls, especially students to get all their beauty needs met at Colaz!

They have a lot of branches in London. Lots of options to get couple facials and massages done. I am looking to book a couple pampering session for me and my husband this weekend.

The best thing is that they are open until late in the evening and moreover 7 days a week. That gives one a lot of flexibility especially for couples like us, who have to commute a lot daily. Beauty treatment plus relaxation all at one place and with a great price.

What more can one ask for. So glad to finally discover such a place in London.


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Back Hair Laser Removal Testimonial

by Jovel

Hi guys! My name is Jovel.

My wife and I recently moved to London from the U.S.

For a long while my wife was begging me to get some hair removal done for my back. She said it looked like a monkey.

So, I starting looking for an affordable way to do it and that's when I found CoLaz which offered to do it in a few sessions.

I thought it was going to take me quite a long time to get it, but was really surprised by how fast and effective the sessions were. After a couple of sessions my back was completely free of any hair which is really cool.

Don't tell anyone, but my sex life is becoming a lot better. It's really good.

My confidence is peaking. I feel a lot more comfortable going to the gym and the spa. It's great!

Check it out today. I'm sure you're going to have a positive experience just like I had.


Book Your FREE Consultation Today!

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My experience with CoLaz Laser Hair Removal London Paddington

by Sharon

I've always had sideburns that i didn't like growing down to my jawline which were horrific so I started shaving them which then led my to gain razor spots! which then left these black scars marks on my face! it got me really stressed and depressed. it also made the hairs grow back faster and thicker!

So I started looking online for options to get rid of them and I found out that laser was good. So i found a clinic in green lanes, and I've got to be honest here i had the worst experience. They didn't handle me well, in result i left the clinic with a bit of burnt skin, which i was furious about.

Putting that aside I then found CoLaz Affordable laser online, called them and booked my appointment at London Paddington branch, before the treatment the specialist went through everything with me and she was really good. Explained everything in detail to me. She also played me a video explaining how hair is produced and what laser treatment actually does. I felt very comfortable. She was very gentle, always reassuring me.. she was so lovely!

I just want to take this time to really thank you guys for the wonderful experience you put your customers through it was great and I am very pleased with the results.

Thank you so much


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Affordable Underarm Laser Removal

by Rubee

I have been thinking about laser hair removal for quite some time, however didn't know where to go as so many places now offer the option.

I wanted to go somewhere that was a big clinic and to someone who would be able to offer clear and concise advice. The last thing that I wanted was to have a reaction to the treatment.

I was recommended laser hair removal through 2 friends who have been with Colaz before, so I had decided to visit the branch and have a consultation regarding what I would like, and what are the best options are for me. I was seen by a very friendly lady who was honest about what laser would be best and how the treatment would take place. I was shown a video which had answers to plenty of my questions, and for the others, I had discussed with my consultant.

I had chosen to go for my underarms as this was my main focus. I had bought a package of 8 sessions, which was recommended by the consultants at a great price.

I have just been for my first treatment. The treatment went great, it was a quick and easy process, and the growth is already drastically less.

I would recommend the treatment with CoLaz Affordable Laser as they have been great with the information they provide to tailor the treatments to you!


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Bikini Hair Laser Removal

by Violeta Melinte

Hello. I would like to share my opinion about the bikini hair laser removal treatment.

I am pleased that I could book a FREE patch test and consultation . So I could see the reaction of my skin.

I am really happy that I started it. I had already three sessions and I have less hair growing back and the hair is growing very slow.

I like it also because it's safe and less painful and doesn't take long time. By the way, my skin is extremely sensitive,and I am pleased that after the session I didn't have any skin reaction at all, or any pigmentation, redness at all.

The staff are polite and mindful.I am contented about the fact that the Affordable Laser hair removal Clinic reminding you by text message before a day that you have got appointment with them so do not missed out in case you forgot it.

The bikini hair laser removal process does produce better results if your hair is really thick, because you will see better results more quickly than if your hair is fine. But believe me, I have got fine hair and I am content with the results of it.

I think this is because of the new Soprano laser machine which the Clinic has. So if you still thinking of doing it, Just do it!

You gonna like your skin without unwanted hair!

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