Laser Treatment For Wart Removal

by Tom

Hi there I was just wondering if you do a laser treatment for removing warts on fingers?

Kind Regards



Hi Tom,

We do offer treatments for wart removal. However this is not done using a laser machine.

The method used is called Advanced Electrolysis. This includes the use of a small needle which has an electric current running through it. Our fully trained specialists can cut an incision into the wart and then begin to permanently remove the wart.

Many people only require just one treatment in order to see the desired results. Alternative treatments to this would be to have it frozen by your GP or to buy an over the counter product.

However there is a shortage in NHS practices which still continue to offer this treatment and they may direct you to private doctors who can often charge extortionate rates. Also many products which are purchased over the counter may not give effective results, and when there are results it may take several months for the wart to finally disappear. Yet, with both these methods there is a chance that the wart will still reappear at a later stage.

You must remember that there are in fact several different types of warts. Sebaceous warts can be highly contagious and you may see them begin to spread to other areas on the body. Therefore warts should not be left untreated.

Find out more about warts by clicking here.

Before conducting treatments our specialist will require you to come in for a Free one to one consultation where she will be able to diagnose the type of wart/ warts you have. She can then thoroughly explain the treatment procedure. In some cases the treatment can even be done on the same day as the consultation.

On average it only takes around 15 minutes to conduct the treatment and within that one session you are likely to see a permanent result.

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Blemish on Forehead and Cheeks

by Harjinder kaur

I have blemish on my forehead and cheeks and nose.iam so fed up with them .it has any solution and how much it's cost

Reply Hi Harjinder,

We offer treatment for blemishes. However, from the image that you have provided it is difficult for me to see the type of blemish you have. I will list for you a number of skin conditions which are treatable in order to answer your question as best as possible. However, it is advisable that you come into one of our salons and let a therapist take a closer look at your skin.

We can treat spots and acne breakouts. These can be caused by many things such as poor diet, hormones or the use of certain medication. Depending on its severity we can help to reduce breakouts by using our LED light therapy. This is a machine which omits intelligent bright lights. The blue function can successfully kill the bacteria which causes breakouts on the skin. You can benefit from treatments as regular as 2 – 3 times a week.

Many people combine this treatment with a course of advanced cleansing facials. This allows us to not only prevent further breakouts but can help clear away whiteheads, blackheads and excess oil from the skin. To keep your skin at its optimum condition you will require a good daily skincare routine using products suited to your individual skin type.

Post- acne scarring can often leave indents or pigmentation on the skin. To help reduce this down we advise either regular microdermabrasion facials or chemical peels. Both treatments involve exfoliating the outermost layers of the skin in order to reveal fresh and renewed skin beneath. Chemical peels tend to go a little deeper into the skin and can be conducted on skin with active acne too. Microdermabrasion however has the added benefit that it is a relaxing and pampering treatment.

For Pigmentation we also offer IPL Skin rejuvenation treatment. Using a laser we can help lighten down the specific problem area. You will be advised to continue to use a good SPF cream alongside treatments to avoid any further damage to the area.

Blemishes such as age spots, moles and/or skin tags are all treatable with an electrolysis method. These treatments normally take just 15 minutes of your time, depending on the size of the blemish and how many are present in the area. There is minimal if any scarring or damage to the surrounding skin, so you can bring back your confidence in no time.

As you can see there are a number of options for you. It is best that you come in for a consultation alongside one of our fully trained therapists, we can then analyse the skin condition that we are treating, and then recommend the most appropriate course for you.

Consultations are completely free. When purchasing a course of treatments rather than single sessions you will receive a discounted package price.


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Milia On My Face

face milia

face milia

Hi there, I believe I have a milia on my face. A while ago I thought it was a spot that wouldn't go away so I tried to pop it. It left a scar/mark.

However its been a long while and when I feel it I still feel a small bump. It has gone down from what it was but I want to get rid of it completely. I have attached a picture. please let me know what you think.

Reply Hi, From the picture attached I can see that it seems to have a hard white head on it, which is a feature of a Milia. However there is a possibility that it could also be another skin blemish.

The picture is not clear enough for me to see what it definitely is, so the best advice I would give you is to come in for a FREE consultation where I can have a look at the area for you, confirm to you if it is Milia or something else and explain what the treatment required would be.

The treatment process for Milia removal is that we insert an electrolysis needle into the cap of the Milia with the current on. This should eventually cause the Milia to disperse. For a more thorough explanation I advise you to come in for the free consultation, the therapist will have a close look at the area and give you suitable advice. Also please note Milia is treatable and removable without scarring the skin.

I really hope that helps


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ingrown hair marks on back legs

hi there,

I have ingrown hair marks on the back of my legs and they are just such a pain and i am really self conscious about them, is it worth laser treatment?


Reply Hi, Vinisha

If you've got ingrown hair marks, laser hair removal is not going to help, because you're talking about scars. So you're better off going for either scar treatments such as IPL or chemical peels.

Again, I would recommend that you come in for a consultation, a free patch test and show your concerns to a qualified therapist who will be able to give you better advice.

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Anal Skin Tag Removal


Hi, I have a skin tag close to my anus. Is this something you can remove at CoLaz?

Reply Hi,

Yes, we do this at CoLaz. You will need to come in for a consultation so that the therapist can just confirm your medical history and have a look at the area where the skin tag is, and just to confirm it is a skin tag, and the location, etc.

Then she will inform you if she can actually do the treatment.


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Can removing warts from the face cause cancer?

by Judnina Berisha

I want to know that if I remove warts from the face does it cause cancer later on your life or straight after the treatment. As I have heard so from other people and I am afraid to remove my warts from the face.

Cold you write me back please?

thank you Judnina

Reply Hi, Judnina

Warts are not cancerous and the procedure of removing warts cannot cause cancer. I am not sure where you have heard this information that the removal of warts can cause cancer later on in life. If you still do have concerns regarding this then you can talk to your GP.

What you may be thinking about is Moles. Often Moles can be cancerous, you must keep an eye on them.

If you have a mole that has been there for a while and it has not changed in colour or size or shape then it is highly unlikely then there is any problem with it.

However if you do find that new moles have arisen; or old ones have changed colour, size, shape or even began to look irregular around its border then consult your GP.

They will be the best person to advise you about your concerns.

Your statement is quite confusing, is it warts or moles that you are concerned with? The best thing to do would be to come in for a consultation, we would be able to look at the area and determine whether it is a mole or wart.

In order to remove warts we will require a letter from your GP before we can carry out the treatment.

No cancer will be caused through the removal of warts.

I hope that helps and thank you for your question


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