Laser Hair Removal for PCOS Sufferer

by nabz

I've recently been diagnosed with PCOS and have been suffering from unwanted hair on my Chin, it is quite light at the moment but I want laser hair removal, however I want to get rid of this problem permanently, will laser hair removal help get rid of the hair permanently?

I'm fed up of bleaching and because I'm Asian I think the bleaching just makes it even more obvious! please could you give me some professional advice?


Reply Laser is not a permanent solution it is a reduction of hair growth. As you have pcos, you will have a high rate of new hair growth. Laser will definitely help control the hair growth but it will not permanently solve the problem.

Obviously the thicker your hair the quicker the results will be better but every time your hormones flair up you are going to get more new growth which will need to be treated thus you will need regular top ups and depending how you respond to laser top ups could be anywhere between 3 to 6 months.

I am assuming your hairs are quite thick as you commented you have been doing bleaching but bleaching doesn’t work on thick hairs!

The best thing is if you book in a consultation and the therapist can look at your hair growth and find you a suitable solution.


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PCOS Severe Facial Hair Removal Using Laser

hi there, I have severe facial hair and have to thread or wax almost everyday. I was considering laser hair removal, but most places say you have to wait about 4-6 weeks between treatments, and that is impossible. can laser treatment be done within 2 weeks of each treatment.

Reply Hi,

I understand you're suffering with severe facial hair growth and you thread and wax almost every day.

Firstly, I just need to get some medical background.

Do you suffer from any hormonal imbalances?

Do you have PCOS, which is polycystic ovaries?

Because if you do, that could be the reason for the hair growth.

So we do need to find out if you are suffering from any condition, and if you are not aware of it I do advise you to go and see your GP who will send you for a blood test.

Let him know that you've got excessive hair growth and you're threading and waxing nearly every day.

They should send you to a blood test and get you checked out.

Now, if you do not have any hormonal imbalance or any other reason for the hair growth, normally with laser you will start to see a reduction within the first couple of treatments, but every individual is different.

You do need to be aware that for laser hair removal, the minimum time we can wait is 3 weeks, but this all depends on your hair growth and I haven't seen your hair growth.

Some clients that do suffer from PCOS, we will treat them for the first 2 or 3 sessions in 3-week intervals and then increase it as the hair growth does slow down.

My best advice is, you come in for a free consultation where the therapist can have a look at the area and do a patch test as well.

We can do it within 2 weeks of interval but we need to see your skin type, we need to determine your hair growth, there is a lot of information that we do require for us to be able to give you the correct advice and correct treatment plan.

So if you are removing hair every day, with the laser you're only allowed to shave so you won't be able to do waxing or threading, so you could shave every other day if you wish and it shouldn't actually make any difference to the hair growth.

Again, my advice is to come in for a patch test so we can have a look at the area for you.

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Hair Removal For Hirtism/PCOS

Hi.. I'm currently taking the pill for my hirtism/pcos. I have hair all over my body (full arms, back, stomach, chest) like normal legs. I shave and you can see the hair growing back the next day, its caused really bad ingrown hairs on my arms and legs. It's getting me really down. How much would it cost for the whole body? Will it work for me?

I'm a women (24yrs old)
Thank you!!

Reply As you have Hirtism and PCOS having laser hair removal will calm the hair growth and the hairs will get finer but I don't think any laser clinic will guarantee that you will get a good reduction.

With certain areas on the body such as the legs and underarms you will see a quicker result but with the face it will be an ongoing problem because the hairs will keep coming back because of your hormones.

As you have PCOS or Hirtism your hormones will tend to flare up at times and stimulate hair growth especially around the facial area. If you go to Whichclinic they have a list of local clinics that give discounts to people suffering from this condition and some even offer discounts on top ups.

As you will need regular top ups I am sure you can bargain hard with the clinics

Best of luck

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Suffering from Polycystic Ovaries

by yadneshree

I am suffering from polycystic ovaries and have excessive amount of facial hair on face it looks bad and I want to do laser treatment on it but will laser treatment work????

30% of our clients suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). As this is a hormonal imbalance it is difficult for you to see a permanent result with laser hair removal.However, we have seen a lot of clients see their hair growth reduce. This means it becomes more manageable, finer, fluffier and patchier.

With a lot of PCOS clients they feel that it is difficult to keep on top of grooming when using other hair removal methods. Shaving can leave behind a green shadow on the skin, especially around the beard area. I have heard other clients say that even with waxing from which normally it takes hairs 3 - 4 weeks to return. They feel they need to wax just 4 days later.

With laser it can help slow down this regrowth pattern. Hairs can take 4 – 5 weeks to reappear, after around 6 – 8 sessions this gap can sometimes extend to a few more weeks. As you suffer from PCOS I suggest you look at laser as a means for maintaining your growth and a means of keeping it as less as possible at any time.

Do not have the expectation of an 100% permanent removal – as this is very difficult even amongst those clients who do not suffer from hormonal imbalances. I suggest you visit your nearest salon, schedule a consultation with a therapist and have her look directly at your growth. Make sure you inform the therapist about any medication you are taking to ensure this does not interrupt with your treatment.

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