Pcos and laser removal

by Sarah
(New York)

Hi I have pcos and I have a lot and thick hairs I'm doing laser treatments I heard after pregnancy hair comes back I want to know do they come back as they were or more hair or less


Hi Sarah,

With laser hair removal responses can vary from person to person. I would not be able to predict how your hair-growth will be affected post pregnancy.

Some people who have never done laser before also see differences in their hair growth patterns after pregnancy. I have seen clients’ who have seen an increase in growth, and hairs have become thicker throughout their pregnancy but afterwards the hair growth falls out and return to its original state.

During pregnancy the bodies hormones can vary rapidly. Although some people see an increase in growth you will find that others have seen their hair growth reduce.

Pregnancy is not the only factor which effects laser hair removal. Many other things can cause the growth to either return or vary. These influences will not indefinitely provoke a change but there is a chance that they could. The following changes can impact laser: hormonal changes, stress, climate change, illness or use of medication.

If hair growth changes do occur, you can still return to laser and reduce your hair-growth back down. You have stated that you suffer from PCOS, so you it is likely that you will require laser hair removal sessions throughout the future in order to maintain your laser results.

The laser treatment will not be able to be done during pregnancy. This is because due to the body's different hormonal responses any laser treatment can be ineffective and would be a waste of time and money. Post pregnancy and once you are not nursing you can continue on with your treatments.

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Lazer and the pill

by Tia

Hi I had several Ipl sessions the hair on my face was a lot but very dark yet fine after several sessions I let the hair grow out only to realise no deduction of hair growth took place if anything my hair had become much thicker and coarse.

I have now started lazer hair removal the clinic uses a ndyag lazer on me and I am a IV skin type generally my colour is relatively a fair skinned south Asian colour is this the right lazer for my skin type would u suggest doing the lazer to be a good idea so once the hair is fine again I intend to tackle the remaining hair with electrolysis by the way is electrolysis okay to do when pregnant.

Also in conjunction to this I suffer from bad acne I went for blood tests to see if I had pco as I am extremely hairy for a woman however everything was cleared the only issue was that I had a very low iron count of 3 and testosterone level of 8.9 which is considered borderline however doc said it was nothing to worry about I have tried all sorts of antibiotics however doc is now saying to go on the pill however with being on the pill would this by any chance effect my lazer treatments.

Also after my first session of lazer my face has a lot of pepper spots why is this I had my last session 2 weeks ago and there still there they look very embarrassing. I would really appreciate it if u can reply back.

Reply Hi Tia,

According to your skin type, the ND YAG laser is still a good laser machine and it should actually give you sufficient hair reduction, but if you are suffering from PCOS or if you are taking any medication, then it could actually stimulate more growth.

Your Testosterone levels are slightly above the border line from what I am guessing, which may be a reason why the hair is returning.

If you are having your face treated then this area is difficult to treat as the face is always quiet hormonal.

If you had had fine or fluffy hairs prior to doing laser, then this possibly stimulated more hair growth.

If you are pregnant then you are not allowed to get either Electrolysis or laser treatments done.

Pepper spots may be due to the shaving done between laser treatments; the hair follicles remain present because the laser will not remove every hair at the root, it is normal for the laser to simply be trimming back the hairs.

These will normally disappear wants your hairs begin to shed.

I am unaware of what your hair type is like, if you have medium growth – my personal advice is to carry on with laser treatments and once your hairs are finer, then switch over to electrolysis.

Laser will be less effective on finer hairs so you are better off carrying on forward with electrolysis or trying an alkaline wash.

The product we use here is Hair V go wash, but I am sure there may be other alkaline wash products available nearer you in Wales so maybe you should look into that some more.


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Laser Hair Removal On Thin Hairs?

by sweeta

Hi there, I recently visited your salon in slough. I am a female and wanted to ask, I have thin black hair on my face and want it removed. Is laser hair removal the best option? also how many sessions would i need on average? as you have to shave will I get a manly stubborn? thank you, sweeta

Answer Hi Sweeta if your hairs are thick and black the laser will give you good results, the darker the hair the more effective the end results.

Finer hairs however, take longer to treat. The better option for fine hairs is to have electrolysis.

If you want to go for laser you will require 6 to 8 sessions and if you hairs are very very fine bear in mind it does take long to treat the fine hair so you will require regular top up treatments.

Therefore you may require top ups 8 to 12 weeks apart depending on how thick your hairs are.

The face is very hormonal so you will always require top ups.

As for a manly stubborn you will not get this unless your hairs are very very thick to begin with and you suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

It’s mainly pcos clients that get a manly stubborn. The best advice is if you can come in for a consultation in the slough branch the therapist will assess your hair growth and be able to give you advice on the best course of action.

If the hairs are quite thin and fine and fluffy there is really no point even going near the laser because it’s not going to give you much of a reduction. The better option will be electrolysis

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No difference since laser hair removal!

by Samina

Hi manroop, i have had 13 treatments on my face and neck and i still see no difference! Everytime i go back to my clinic and discuss this with them they say they will put a higher heat but it is stil not making any difference! I am really fed up shavin as it really irritates my skin. I am really starting to regret it and wish i stuck to threading! I am getting married next year and the last thing i want is my skin to be like this and hair everywhere on it. Do i need more treatments or is it not working for me? Please help


Hi Samina,

There are a number of different types of laser machines, for each laser the requirements for hair-growth can vary. The general rule is that you must have dark and thick hairs in order to be a good candidate for laser. If you have blonde or red pigment in your natural hair growth then this may be the reason why you are not seeing any results. Also if your hairs are fine and fluffy this also means that it is difficult for laser machines to trigger a good response.

If however you do have a dark hair colour, there could be other factors which are affecting your response to laser. With laser hair removal treatment you should not expect to see a permanent removal of every hair, no lasers can promise these results. What you will normally see is your hair become finer, patchier and slower in growth. Hair growth can return even after several treatments because of pregnancy, hormonal changes, stress, climate change, illness or use of medication.

Many people find that they suffer from a hormonal imbalance such as PCOS. Although several of our clients who do suffer from PCOS see a reduction in laser they do find that their hair-growth continues to return. You should consult your GP in order that they can diagnose whether this is what is causing your hair-growth to be irresponsive to laser.

You need to understand that the face is a sensitive and hormonal area. Therefore laser results may vary. On average it normally takes between 6 - 12 sessions to see the best results. After this point you will still require regular top ups every 2 -3 months. This is because the face has more hair follicles than any other part of the body. The response to laser on the face differs completely from that with the body and you should not be leaving large gaps between laser appointments. We advise our clients to return every 4 -6 weeks for laser.

In regards to shaving, with the laser we are using we say to see optimum results you should minimise the amount of times you shave. Do it once before your treatment date and then you should shave again 10 days after the treatment. Clients often do not feel the need to shave more than once after these 10 days, but this can change from person to person. It can be dependent on how many sessions they have had. An alternative to shaving would be trimming the hairs, as this may help reduce irritation or use a shaving product which helps to moisture the skin when shaving.

Have a professional re-assess your hair-growth, it may just be that you are not using the best laser machine for your growth. Sometimes the laser that is being used may not be suitable for your skin type. The ND YAG works on all skin types, however IPL is more suited to fairer skin types.

It is difficult to know if you are seeing any results or not as I have not seen your hair-growth. Consult your GP to check for any hormonal imbalances as this will help give you and indicator of what is going on. I think it is essential that you speak to your therapist about this.


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