What Is The Best Way To Remove Chin Hair

by Charlie Ward

Hi, I am a 25 yr old girl and I have got hairs growing under my chin. Some are fair and a couple are black but the hairs grow to maybe an inch or so. Its really upsetting me and I am highly paranoid about them. I can't afford the packages that most clinics sell and do not know what to do. This has only started happening in the past few months.

I'm scared to wax just in-case they all come back through black so I am using hair lightening cream and trimming. I could cry! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks,


Hi Charlie,

Firstly it would be best to let us know whether these hairs are covering the entire chin or if it is a few sparse hairs. Laser hair removal is only effective on thick and darker hairs – if you have several hairs like this, we can recommend a course of laser for you.

At the same time we also have another treatment called electrolysis. This can be useful for all types of hairs, thick, fine, dark and light. This method uses a small needle which has an electric current passing through it. The therapist will insert the needle into your hair. This will kill the hair, and so long as the hair is in the Anagen growth phase you will see a permanent result.

With laser hair removal, it is recommended that you go for a course of 6 – 12 treatments to see the optimum results. You will find that many clinics also have special offers running, when making enquiries you should ask about these too. You need to also check with your GP to see what has caused the sudden growth change. It could be due to a hormonal imbalance, if so you will still be suitable for laser – however this can affect the amount of treatments you will require.

I recommend you schedule in a consultation with a fully trained therapist who can check your growth and advise the right treatment plan for you. You can combine both electrolysis and laser treatments in some cases but it is all dependent on what your hair growth is like.

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Laser Hair Removal For Chin Hair

by anonymous
(johannesburg,South Africa)

Hi I want to know how many sessions of hair removal will I need to permanently remove my chin hair ? And where is the nearest,cheapest and better laser treatment in my area ?

Reply Hi, I am unable to estimate how many sessions you would require for the removal of hair on the chin area, as I have not seen the area. It is all dependent upon your growth, your skin type and if you have any hormonal inbalances.

The general rule is that you would require between 6 – 12 sessions. Often if you do have a hormonal imbalance or the hair is hormonal, then you will need further top-up sessions from any time between 6 weeks or from 12 months apart.

I hope that helps


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Laser hair removal treatment stubble on my chin

by rani

Hi there

i have been having laser treatment since april, i am on my seven treatment, but i still get really bad stubble on my chin and a dark shadow. my skin really hurts badly, i have tired aloe vera creams and gel, collagen gel and ice water, but nothing is helping.

i have to shave everyday, because i am still getting a few hair, but its not the hair that bothers me so much, it is the stubble, it is bad, and the skin looks like i have bumps on my chin.

Foundation or face powder simply does not help, i am always scratching my chin. pls advice.


Hi Rani,

Thank you for your inquiry. Firstly there are a number of different types of laser machines on the market. You must have dark and thick hairs in order to start laser.

With laser hair removal you should not expect to have a guaranteed permanent removal of every single hair. With the laser machine we use at Colaz, clients will tend to see that their hair become finer and the hair growth will slow down.

Even after treatments the hair growth may return but will be very sporadic and thinner, therefore the skin will not be as irritated.

Excessive hair growth can depend on many different factors such as stress, climate, medication, hormonal imbalance or even illness.

We have several clients who have a hormonal imbalance and still see a reduction in growth from laser. I would recommend that you speak to your doctor to rule out any possibilities of any hormonal imbalances.

You must also understand that results will be different for every individual.

After the laser hair removal you may take anti-histamines or even apply sudo cream, although applying aloe vera gel every 45min to an hour should help. Make sure that the aloe vera gel you are using is 100% aloe vera and does not have a green tint as there may be chemicals in there that cause more irritation to the skin.

We also recommend that you do not apply make-up to the skin for 24-48 hours after your laser treatment as the products will irritate your skin and may cause blocked pores.

I hope that this information has helped you. If you have any further queries please feel free to contact me via email or telephone on: 01753 522 071.

Slough Branch

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Laser Hair Removal Chin Area - Nearest Branch London Paddington

thinking about getting chin done have about half dozen really coarse hairs but think more might come with age.

I am 46 at moment will laser hair removal stop these from appearing or does it only work with hair present at moment.


If you have quiet dark or coarse hairs in the chin area, then you will be pleased to know that laser hair removal can offer you good results.

From my experience with clients, I have seen that coarser hairs are treated very quickly, but in order to target all the follicles you would require around 12 sessions on the chin area.

However you must be cautious if you are experiencing any hormonal change, as this can affect how laser works for you this includes women who are going through changes such as the stage of menopause. In these cases laser will only be able to calm the hair growth down often slowing down the amount of time it takes the hairs to reappear whilst undergoing treatment.

While your hormones begin to flare up it can also promote new growth, and the only growth that we would be able to treat are those present at any one time. If no new growth has begun to appear in the area then no further treatment is needed.

I would strongly advise for you to have a free consultation with a therapist, who would be able to look at the area and then give the right advice for you as to how laser can best benefit you and then determine how many sessions you require.

I hope that helps.

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Sore red spots on chin, a week after getting laser hair removal

Hey, i started getting laser on my chin, i am not very hairy, and never had spots, and now am getting red spots which is really disappointing.

Is there any reason for this?

Reply Hi,

It's very difficult to tell why you're getting red spots in the first place. If you get them, you've had laser done and the next day you wake up with red spots it's probably a mild histamine reaction that should calm down within a couple days up to a week.

Now, if you're getting them a week later, two weeks later, three weeks later it could be something else. All of a sudden your hormones are playing up or something's happened and you've started to get spots. But if it's linked to the laser you will notice that the next day you'll start getting little white head pimples, which is a slightly abnormal reaction depending, because some clients will get the normal white head pimples even if they do waxing and threading they'll still get that.

The other thing could be, if you're getting very pustule spots or very similar to boils that's not a normal reaction, so it could be something else. My personal advice is that you do need to go back to the clinic, show them the area where you're getting these spots so they can have a look at it and they'll be able to tell if it's a reaction or if it's linked to the laser or if it's something else.

Sometimes the odd spot here and there is normal. You're treating the hair follicles, you're trying to kill the hair follicles off.

It will happen, and cooling actually avoids that, so if you cool it after the treatment and apply pure aloe vera gel that should actually calm it down, so you normally get an ice pack and put it onto the face straight after your laser for about an hour or two.

You will notice that considerably the spots though actually occur the next day. Even sudo cream, if you're getting very sore spots sudo cream is quite good to put on the area. That should calm it down. But do go back to the clinic and see what they say.

You can read this article 8 essential laser hair removal tips after treatment

I hope that helps


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have laser treatment but still have hair on chin

by far
(jeddah KSA)

i have had my 1st session of fotona leaser hair treatment of full face. but after 9 days i still have growing hair on uperlips hand chin. i heard that hair will fall after 5 to 8 days but in my case i still have.whay??? and can i shave in the mean time of 2nd treatment??


Hi Far,

There are many laser hair removal machines on the market. From my knowledge the Fotona laser is an ND YAG laser. With this type of laser it is normally advised that you should shave the hairs 10 days after treatment in order to see a result.

With all lasers you require around 6 – 12 sessions in order to see the best response to laser. It is very early on in your treatments so you should not expect to see huge results. Everyone is different so they have an individual experience with laser.

The areas which you are treating are the Upper lip and chin, Facial hair is located on a hormonal area of the body therefore it can take several sessions to see a good difference. Your hairs will become finer and patchier after a few more sessions. Yet you may also require maintenance sessions after this course.

Sometimes hair growth that is coming through after a laser session can also be dead hairs which have been treated; your body would push these out. When hairs are thicker and tougher it is unlikely that they will fall out on their own, you would need to shave to encourage this.

The best thing for you to do would be to seek advice from the therapist who has done your treatment.


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Laser Hair Removal on Fine Hair Chin and Face



Hair on chin and neck come back finer, longer and more abundantly after a course of 6 laser hair removal sessions.

I have just completed a course of Yag laser, which at the beginning I was thrilled as I had a few dark thick hairs in certain patches, across the jaw line and neck which i used to pluck. I decided to go for laser and after the first I was thrilled as they seemed to have been zapped and didn't come back for a few months!

I kept up with the course, to get the finer hairs and had the last one in February, but now i have a long thin fine hairs all across my jaw line, chin and neck where they had once lasered, so am now concerned, as it was better to have a few dark hairs that could pluck that a sea of fine long hairs creating a shadow beard...its awful...what should I do?

Ps i am of mixed race, half Indian/English with cappuccino colored skin.

annabelle London

Reply Hi Annabelle

Hair removal is a reduction of hair growth and you must note it is not 100% permanent removal.

With laser, darker hairs tend to disappear quicker than those which are finer or occasionally the darker hairs become finer. Often it is more difficult for laser to pick up on these finer hairs, so we would switch treatments onto a course of electrolysis hair removal.

Through this method we are able to remove the total hair growth. However, if you have new hair growth appearing in a different area of the chin that you did not have before, then you would need to consult your therapist.

It is possible that anything such as hormonal change, new medication prescriptions or stress has caused these to sprout out. Once the therapist has looked at the new growth she will be able to recommend whether laser is a suitable method of hair reduction for these hairs.

As you are aware laser works best upon darker hairs, but if hair is at a stage where it is too fine, then the laser machine will be unable to pick it up. If this is the case then the therapist can recommend an alternative treatment such as electrolysis.

When you hair is at a medium growth laser still works as a good option for hair reduction, on average for the chin area you would require 6 – 12 sessions of treatment.

You may also need to continue to maintain top up sessions every 6-8 months in order to remove any further growth.

Please do remember that results will vary according to every individual.

Furthermore, you have stated that you are mixed race, Indian/English, with a cappuccino skin tone; for this skin type the YAG is the best laser for you.

My personal advice is that you consult your therapist who will better advise you on whether to proceed with more laser treatments. A test you can do to see if your hairs are suitable for laser is that you purchase hair bleach; such as that available at boots.

If you apply the bleach according to the manufacturer’s instructions and then see that your hairs turn blonde, then your hairs are too fine for laser.

So then the best step to take from here is to have electrolysis Electrolysis hair removal carried out on the area.

I really hope that helps


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Laser hair removal sessions no results

by Liane
(United Kingdom)

Hi, I am a female 24 years of age, I started laser hair removal for my chin and have one
Session left and so far with minimal results, I have alot of thick dark hairs on my chin which are ingrown and because if shaving have caused a stubble which appears dark I wanted to know will this shadow go and how many treatments will I need in order for me to see a good result ?

Reply Hi, Liane

I understand you've had a course of treatments on your chin, and you have 1 session remaining and you're not happy with the results.

Your hairs are quite thick and you've got a lot of ingrown hairs.

To me it sounds like you may have some sort of hormonal imbalance, where the laser's actually not responding as well.

My advice would be, go and speak to your clinic and see what they say, because I haven't got your treatment records, nor do I know what settings have been used. But it seems to me, if you're not getting any results, it's probably linked to either hormonal issues, or you may just need more sessions. Again, the best person to speak to would be your therapist.

Normally what we see with the laser is thick hairs disappear fairly quickly, and the shadow also disappears, so you should get some good results, but then again if you've got any hormonal imbalance, the slightest imbalance, it can actually promote hair growth, and you're looking at long-term treatments, plus long-term maintenance as well. I hope that's helped to answer your question.


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