IPL Hair Remover vs Laser hair removal

by mikael

Is IPL better for male with very thick hair?

which is the more efficient after long term IPL or Laser?


IPL is quiet effective, especially if your skin type 1 or 2. – That is if you are pale or have a Caucasian skin type.

Also if your hairs are black and thick then you would definitely see some sort of results with it but IPL – are Intense Pulse lights, and is not an actual laser, so obviously lasers will give you better results.

Depending what skin type you are - if you have very fair skin and between skin type 1- 3, then the Alexandrite laser is the most effective but you also get good results with a gentle YAG or a diode laser as well.

With darker skins you are better off using the gentle YAG as it has a deeper penetration.
Let me know what skin type you are so that I can advise you accordingly


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IPL Hair Remover Treatment Success After a 5 Month Break

by Rachel

I started a course of IPL hair removal 5 in October 2012. I had two sessions on legs and Bikini.

The company went bust so I had to stop going.
I have only just found a salon that can continue my sessions 6 sessions on each area, hopefully once every 4 weeks.

Will it still work with such a large gap between my last treatment??


Reply With the IPL sessions you probably have to start your course from scratch.

Hopefully within the first two sessions you should see a reduction so any hair in your first or the second session were being treated in the correct phase which is the Anagen phase those hairs are already permanently disabled and as your starting another 6 sessions you would definitely see better results.

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IPL hair removal Dubai

by Mila Kovacev

I am under 18yrs old and i would like to know is it safe to use this home device. Please keep in mind that i would be careful and wont go out on the sun and follow all the instructions..

Hi Milia

To be honest we don't really know. You have to check manufacturer's leaflet and instructions. Normally we don't recommend laser for people under the age of 18 years as your skin can often be classified as baby skin. You may also be going through a number of hormonal changes so this can effect the effectiveness of your laser results.

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Best Laser For Hair Removal

by Michael
(Spruce Grove,Canada)

Hi, What is better an IPL Hair Removal vs Laser Hair Removal?

Can you please tell me the difference between both of these methods and the pros and cons of IPL vs regular laser hair removal?



IPL is in an intense pulse light laser and is classed as a 3b laser, whereas lasers are classed as 4b which basically means they are 10 times stronger than IPL lasers.

In my experience I have used both lasers and I do find the laser gives better results then the IPL lasers on my clients.

IPL laser is more suitable for skin type 3 however, there is a high risk of burning a client with this type of laser.

With a laser, there are many different types and depending what laser you go for example a YAG laser these are more suitable for Asian and black skin, Alexandrite laser is more suitable for fair skin types and then you have the diode laser suitable for all skin types.

To be honest, there is so much information on the internet about the pros and cons of these two lasers you don't know who to believe.

I have more details about the different types of laser hair removal machines by clicking this link.


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IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatment At Home - Pregnant

by Nida

hi i am 5 weeks pregnant a month ago i have started a laser hair removal treatment with ipl at home i just want to know can i use it just on my chin and upper lip or not

thank you!

Reply Hi Nida, You can read the manufacturer’s instructions on the machine to check if it is suitable for use on pregnant people.

At our clinics we do not conduct treatment on anyone who is pregnant and it is probably the same for the home IPL machine you are using at home.

So you should not do laser whilst pregnant. Let me know how your results go with this home laser as I get a lot of clients that come to our branches after using these home machines that they are just a waste of money and time.

Read a copy of my ebook "3 big mistakes people make before they have laser hair removal" where one of the mistakes is home laser hair removal using the small useless gadgets.


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Can I Use The Philips Lumea Ipl Laser

by sandy

can i use it on my body ie: chest and back and pubic area or is it not safe to should get these area professionally done


Hi Sandy,

The Philips Lumea does state that it is safe to be used on the pubic area. However it must be used correctly. You must ensure that you are reading through the manufacturers guidelines before use.

When using laser at home can be difficult for you to reach areas such as the back on your own. Not everyone has someone to come and do their laser for them at home. So you should put this into consideration if you are making a choice between using a professional laser or one for home use.

The difference between home use lasers and those in the Beauty Salon is that salon equipment can be medically graded. They also are much stronger and you therefore will see your hair growth respond more quickly and effectively. Also without the supervision of a highly qualified therapist you may be putting yourself at risk of improper use.

Some people find that committing to treatment at a salon gives them more motivation to get up and have treatments done when necessary. This is opposed to a person becoming bored of using the laser continuously. Laser does require your patience as optimum results are visible between 6 – 12 sessions. As Home use lasers are not as strong it can take even longer to see the desired results so you may feel yourself begin to give up.

Nowadays you may even find that it can work out cheaper to go into a salon where there are special offers running and purchasing a course of treatments. So do take these things into consideration before purchasing a home use laser.

Altogether so long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions correctly the laser should be safe to use anywhere on the body.


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IPL Hair Removal Side Effects

by shazia
(UK, Manchester)

I have had 6 treatments of IPL on my face and I can see the result but the only problem is prior to my treatment I did not have no spots but now my face feels really painful with spots all under and on my jaw line new spots coming up every day. I have spoken to the women I get treatment from and she said this is not normal she does not know what to do. I can't touch my face it burns. Can you please advise me on what I can do.. I have been to see my doctor an she gave me antibiotic an no result it's still the same. Please help thank you xx


From the information you have given me I can build up a few assumptions as to what has caused your skin to flare up.
Firstly, IPL uses an intense pulse laser beam, when this makes contact with the skin, it can cause the skin to heat up. This heat may be stimulating you to get flare ups. This is likely to be what is happening if the breakouts began whilst you were doing treatments.

It can be quiet common to have histamine reactions with Laser and IPL treatments; these include skin rashes, raised bumps, small spots with white heads. An hour or so before your treatment you can take an anti-histamine tablet. These can be purchased over the counter and they normally fight against other allergies such as Hay fever or dust allergies. After this you can always apply aloe vera to soothe the skin.

You commented that you have seen a number of spots appearing around the Jawline area. This is a very hormonal area – so there could be a chance that this would indicate that you have a hormonal imbalance. The only way to clarify this would be to consult your GP and ask for a blood test. Common hormonal imbalances which have symptoms of acne are PCOS (Polycystic Ovary syndrome).

Have you been following your after care instructions correctly? It is advised that after treatments you do not do any exercise or use any steam or sauna rooms. The increase in heat can cause the skin to have outbreaks. No application of make-up should be done within the first 24 hours. Any harsh chemicals such as chlorine (found in swimming pools) should not have contact with the skin either. If you have not abides by any of the following, this may be causing your outbreak.

Are you currently taking any other medications/contraceptives? When you were doing treatments were you applying any topical/steroid creams? Or taking any herbal/prescribed medications for other conditions? The sudden appearance of an acne flare up could be linked back to an allergic reaction. When taking strong drugs some ingredients may thin your skin out, this means it may be more sensitive.

It is important that you inform your therapist about your medical history as it can affect your treatments. I would suggest that you avoid doing any more IPL treatments as it could cause the skin to become more aggravated. If you return to your GP they may recommend that you try a stronger anti-biotic, if this is the case then make sure you avoid doing any IPL treatments for at least 2 – 3 weeks after your last day of the anti-biotic course.

In order to calm the skin back down I can suggest a few treatments which may help. LED Light therapy sessions can help to kill bacteria under the skin which causes acne. You should cleanse your skin twice daily, once in the morning and again in the evening. Follow your cleansing with toning and moisturising. Check with a therapist to see if chemical peels will be effective on your skin. Salicylic acid can help push out all the sebum from under the skin, and at the same time renew the skin on top.

Without seeing your skin or having access to your medical history it is difficult to suggest what is the best solution for you to take. Consult your GP once again, but you can avoid taking medications with the above treatments. You can then book in a consultation with a therapist who will advise you thereafter.

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The Soprano Laser or IPL

by Sam

Hello what is the difference between the Soprano and IPL lasering for the bikini line?

Reply Hi Sam,

Soprano is a medical grade diode laser, and IPL is not actually a laser it is an Intense Pulse Light, so therefore the Soprano is much stronger than the IPL.

Depending on your skin type, IPL is quiet good for skin types 1 -3 which are lighter and Caucasian skin types. The Soprano laser is a good machine for all skin types.

The soprano is virtually pain free but IPL gives a similar feeling to being flicked by an elastic band.

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Can You Do Threading After IPL Laser Hair Removal?

Can you thread your hairs after an Ipl laser session? The woman I get my treatment from told me not to shave my sideburns and she carried out the laser treatment and threaded te hair....:-/
Is this the right procedure?

Reply Hi

Normally, from my experience we are advised that we only shave or trim the hairs after laser treatment, and we do not wax or thread the hair growth.

This is because it will mean that the hair growth is being pulled out from the blood supply. It is essential that it is still connected in order to make the laser effective.

You need to speak to the therapist who actually done your treatment. If she has been threading straight after your treatment then she shouldn’t really be doing this. However she may be trained on a different IPL machine from another country. However from my experience threading should not be done straight after treatment.

I have heard of therapists that do thread the hairs two weeks after the treatment date. In this case those hairs that were treated successfully will just slide out because they are dead hairs.
I would not recommend this either, as sometimes there may be hairs that were not present at the time of the treatment, and these would also be threaded.

So when your next treatment is due there is a chance that those hairs will once again not be present at the time of treatment.
If you are concerned about the procedure then please speak to the therapist who carried out your treatment.

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Do You Have To Shave Before IPL/ Laser Hair Removal - 1st Appointment

by Neera

I just had my first session of laser. I had full growth, but was not shaved prior to the treatment.
Is this normal?

Reply Hi Neera, you do need to speak to your therapist, as all machines vary. Normally from my experience you are required to shave prior to the treatment, unless your therapist has advised you otherwise for certain reasons.

You need to go back to your clinic, and ask them why they are not shaving the hair growth. We normally advise our clients to shave 10 days after the treatment, and also on the night before they come in for treatment, as this will make the laser treatment more effective.

Once again you do need to speak to your clinic and ask them, as it does depend on what machine you are using and they will be able to explain if the hair growth is meant to be shaved or not, whilst using the machine.

I hope this helps


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IPL Laser Not Working

by Iqra


I am a Pakistani girl with fair skin and dark hair. I got my lower face treated from Pakistan about 5 times now and at first I did see a difference but then I shaved a few times and it got worse! The hair became thicker and more than before.

The doctors say it just seems that way but they are actually still the same inside. I don’t understand that!
Once I even had to get the treatment twice with a week gap because the hair did not shed as it was suppose to and the doctor assumed it was because the temperature of the laser was not strong enough.

Anyways, I am now in London, and even after 5 treatments I still have a lot of hair and its really embarrassing.
I accidently had an IPL treatment a little over a month ago. I thought it was laser but it turned out to be IPL. At the clinic my face was very clear and I was satisfied but the hair started to grow back the very next day!!!

I think this was because she had shaved my hair off whereas in Pakistan the doctor would trim it.
I complained but no point. I waited about two weeks to see if they would shed or fall off like they should and did in my previous treatments but they didn’t.
I wasted my money and am back in the same position. It is very embarrassing having hair on the face and neck as I am a newly married girl!

I wasted 150pounds for nothing. As a newlywed, its hard asking my husband money when the last result was in front of him!

I checked the court house clinic and they gave me a good offer of around 130pounds for my area (half face and about half front neck). I don’t know about your prices so if u can make me a good offer, I might take into consideration.

Note that I will only take one session because I will not be in London long.
If you say so, I will go on and take that offer....
Please help me and advice me as to what I should do!
And just in case age is required, I am 20yrs of age.


Hi Iqra

The reason for this is if your hair was quite fine to begin with it seems that the laser has stimulated more growth in the area and it has made it a lot worse than it was before

Sometimes when you are trimming the hairs and shaving the hairs they may appear that they are actually thicker but actually they have come back blunter

You mentioned you had IPL done over a month ago and the hair growth grew back the very next day – if you have had IPL laser done on your face and the hairs have grown back the next day that is actually normal because the hairs have just been trimmed down by the laser and it does take up top 19 days for the hairs to shed- some of the hairs may fall out some of them may not what I do advice is to shave after 10 days because that helps with the shedding phase

With the face because it is so hormonal you have to be aware the laser will calm your growth down and if you are saying your hairs have been stimulated you will need more sessions to calm it back down to what it was when you began. To be honest because if your hair was quite fine to begin with there was no point getting laser done in the first place because it would not work and it would make it worse and that is what I feel that is happened in your case.

Also with laser on your face you will need maintenance programs. You will not get rid of the hairs 100% it is only a reduction. You will need top ups anywhere between 3 to 6 months that is what we experience with the face especially the side burn areas and clients need more top ups around that area.


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Help! Hair Not Falling Out After IPL Laser Hair Removal ?

by samina

Hi, I've had 6 treatments on my face now and I can't see any difference? The hair doesn't seem to be falling out other then abit on my upper lip and I'm scared that if I shave it wil grow back all stubbly. Please HELP!!

Reply Hi Samina

You state that after having six treatments you feel that you have seen no difference.
The face is a very hormonal part of the body, consisting of many hair follicles. In just a 1cm by 1cm square of the face there are approximately 500 hair follicles in the area.

At any one stage, it is possible that some of these follicles may not have active hair growth. However these can then activate at a later stage, during or after the treatment. Thus, you would require more than 6 treatments in order to target as much hair growth as possible.

We advise that you require between 6 -12 sessions of laser hair removal on the face. This would then be followed up by maintenance sessions, which occur every 3, 6 or 9 months according to your hair growth.

From my personal experience we have always found that the face takes alot longer to treat than the body. We therefore advise clients that if they want to treat the face with laser hair removal that they must be prepared to commit themselves to a long duration of treatments. You will always require the top up treatments too due to the face being hormonal and producing new hair growth at any stage.

I understand that you are scared that if you shave the area, then the hairs will come back stubbly. Unfortunately, with shaving you will notice that the hairs will come back blunter. But if you have noted that there is a lot of hair growth in the area then this indicates that you require more treatment. I would therefore advise that you purchase more treatments, or return to the clinic you are attending in order to discuss your concerns.

I have not seen your hair growth myself, I am unaware of your skin type and also have no knowledge of what settings have been used when treating your face, therefore, I am unable to make any further comments. I suggest that you further discuss this with the clinic you attended.

Overall, you most definitely do need more treatments as 6 treatments are not sufficient.


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Can you have laser hair removal after IPL hair removal?

by Lori
(Simabury, CT, USA)

Hi, I just had my first session of IPL hair removal and I heard that there are better lasers out there. Is it possible to change the laser type during treatments? I heard that the stronger lasers require less sessions and boast more perminent hair removal.

Reply Hi, Lori

Okay, you want to switch from IPL to a different laser.

That shouldn't be a problem, as long as you leave a gap between 4-6 weeks you can switch your treatments to another laser. You will need to speak to your therapist or whatever new clinic you're going to and tell them about your treatments that you've had and that you want to switch. So they will have to do a repeat patch test on you, for different settings if you decide to go for a laser.

You've asked me a question: Which laser is gives you better and faster results?

Lasers are selected according to your skin type, and it all depends on the phase that you're hair growth will be on the day of the treatment and what kind of results you will get.

Yes, laser's stronger than IPLs, but if you're a skin type 1, IPLs are quite effective as well as the laser. Alexandrite is very affective as well.


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What is More Effective IPL or Laser Hair Removal

by Dorota

I had recently IPL hair removal.I'm wondering if laser hair removal is more effective than IPL ?? I would like to know what kind of laser do you have? Is it a lightsheer ? as I heard that is very good.

I'm considering to have laser treatment at your clinic. I would be grateful for answering my questions.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Reply Lasers are more effective then ipl (intense pulse light) The lasers we use are medical grade and 10 times stronger than ipl. We currently use two types of lasers the Gentle YAG and diode laser. A lightsheer laser is normally a diode laser.

If you are considering to under go laser at our clinic you will need a patch a test and one of the technicians will recommend to either use a diode laser or a YAG depending on your skin and hair type.

I hope that helps


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Laser not suitable for fine hair? Ipl?

by Ripa

Hiya, I want to get laser on my face and my friend said to
Me she did laser initially and hair grew back thicker. She then moved on to Ipl ad it's working for her!

This confirms what you say here about laser not working on fine hair- I don't know what to do now Ipl or laser.

I used to bleach my facial hair with jolem now I have stopped for a while

Ipl may be cheaper but more effective for face?

Reply As you have stated that you have very fine hair, fluffy hair that you have bleached, then honestly neither IPL nor Laser will be effective on this type of hair.

I understand your friend is undergoing treatment for hair growth but it maybe that her hairs were slightly thicker than yours, hence the reason why she has seen a result.

However I have a feeling that if her hairs were fine and fluffy after finishing a course of 6 or 7 treatments then her finer hairs would actually still come back.

I am unable to say much about the case of your friend as I have not seen her hair growth, or looked at her skin type.

If you are stating that your hairs are fine then it is pointless to get laser or IPL done, you may want to consider another option which has just recently come out.

This is the use of an alkaline wash for fine hairs, we have brought a product within this line in our clinic, and so far the results have been good, again with this treatment you will require maintenance top-ups, so the treatments are similar to laser and are spread between 4 – 6 weeks apart according to your hair growth.

It would give a gradual reduction so you could always consider that or a further option could be to undergo Electrolysis, but unfortunately laser and IPL will not work on fine hairs.


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