Electrolysis for facial hair removal

by Sidra

Hi, I'm 16 and I have a lot dark facial hair on the sides my face and the chin. I've wanted to have electrolysis done as I've heard it is the only permanent method of hair removal and I don't think laser will be suitable for me as I suffer from PCOS. But do I need to reach a certain age to get electrolysis done? and how much does it cost?


Reply Hi Sidra,

Firstly, you're 16 years old and you want to have electrolysis which is absolutely fine, but we do need to have your parents' consent, so they will have to come along with you on the first treatment and they will have to sign that it's okay for you to have the treatment.

And the treatment prices vary, so it depends how many minutes you require. So it's based on the minutes that you require to have electrolysis done.

I understand you suffer from PCOS. If it's just the odd thick hairs here and there, if you require 5 minutes you're looking at £5 minimum charge. If you require 10 minutes it's about £10, but we offer courses of 6 sessions where you get 10% off or 5 sessions where you get 15% off, so that's how electrolysis works.

I have many PCOS clients come to me that have tried electrolysis and they've seen amazing results, but if you're one of them where you've got a lot of facial hair growth and it's very thick and you're skin's started to go green, to be honest laser actually works a lot better on that type of hair.

What we tend to do with our clients is we'll combine electrolysis and laser so they may start on laser first, where it clears the majority of the growth, because we'll notice if someone's got PCOS, sideburn, jawline will clear up a lot faster. The chin is the stubborn area, and the upper lip is very stubborn. It takes a lot longer to clear, but it gets rid of that green shadow. Electrolysis is time-consuming and it's one hair at a time.

The only thing, you're 16 so you won't be able to have laser done until you're 18. So in the meantime you may want to start electrolysis and just do the areas where it's really bothering you.

Come in for a patch test and see how you feel about having the treatment and how your skin would react as well. But if you've got a lot of growth it may be better to wait until you're 18 to get laser done.

But if it is really, really bothering you that much then you may want to just pop in, show the therapist and she can actually assess the area and see if it is suitable for electrolysis and we can do a patch test on you just to determine that you don't have a reaction and make sure your skin's not too sensitive, and you can actually feel the current as well.

So it's not pain-free, you will feel slight pinpricks with each hair that we actually remove with electrolysis, but my advice is come in and discuss it with a thereapist and she'll have a look at the area for you.


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Laser Hair Removal on White Hair

by jaspal

Hi, Can laser detect white hair and if you have white hair on the chin can laser hair removal work?

Reply The laser cannot detect white hairs. The only best and permanent method of hair removal for white hair is having a course of electrolysis hair removal.


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Electrolysis or Laser Hair Removal?

by Princess Bako

I heard electrolysis is permenent, taking that into account and the side effects of both treatments, which one do you rekon is better? laser or electrolysis?

Answer: This depends on your skin type, hair colour and the area to be treated.

For example I would personally use electrolysis on clients around the chin, side of face and eyebrow area especially if they have white/grey hair and dark skin. This is because electrolysis attacks the hair follicle and not the hair pigment like lasers do.

If your skin complexion is light with dark hair and your looking to remove hair from a large area of your body then laser will be your best option as the laser targets the hair pigment making it safer on lighter skin clients.

I suggest you visit your local laser hair removal clinic for a consultation and see what they say.

All the best


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Painless Electrolysis Hair Removal

by Raz

Hi, my question is about electrolysis. I have had it done on my face a few times but i cant bear the pain, do you offer any anesthetic to your patients? some sort of gel or cream or spray or anything that will make the procedure painless, or at least reduce the pain. thank you

Reply Unfortunately we don't offer any anesthetic, gels or creams to reduce the pain.

If it helps we do have a virtually painless electrolysis machine. If you complete the consultation form and mention you want to have painless electrolysis either in London or Southall, one of the therapist will contact you.

On your consultation you can then try the machine and see if you are happy with it.

All the best


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Fine Hair = Laser Hair Removal?

Hi there, I'm a female and i have brown skin with black hair, my hair on my face is fine. I want to get laser hair removal as i am very embarrassed due to the hair on my face although its fine there a lot of it. will laser hair removal be the best option for me? if so how many sessions will I need roughly?

I'm 18 and cant be forking out £1000's on hair removal. HELLLPP!! thanks S

Answer If the hairs are very very fine there is a 50% chance that the laser will trigger more growth and it could come back slightly thicker then what it is. In that case if it does come back thicker the laser will be able to treat it slightly better but please bear in mind there is that 50% chance that it could come back thicker.

We do have a lot of clients undergoing laser hair removal treatment for finer hairs on the cheek area. Some of the clients have seen that the hairs have come back thicker but they were aware of this and they were happy carrying out the treatment because they liked the feeling that they were hair free up to about 6 weeks.

So even if your hairs are quite fine you are hair free up to 4 to 6 weeks because the hair does fall out and the next growth is slightly more finer but bear in mind the finer the hair gets the harder it gets for the laser to treat it.

I always tell my clients if you have fine hair on the face your better option is to go for electrolysis.

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