Interesting Facts about Massage Therapy

The power of massage therapy is sadly underestimated when it comes to most clients. May it be a foot massage, or a head massage, there are only benefits that such services offer.

If you haven’t tried any of the massage services at CoLaz yet, here is a quick round-up of some interesting facts about massage therapy:

  • Our skin is the largest organ of our body; and since it is the skin that is the main contact point in any kind if massage, we are bound to enjoy it the most.
  • The skin has more than 5 million touch receptors. Astoundingly, there are a good 3000 on the finger tips itself. This is why a massage seems so relaxing.
  • It is not just the skin that gets affected by a body massage. It is the brain that gets the signal from the nerve receptors. The messages are passed so briskly that we feel relief instantaneously.
  • Massage is a part of miraculous touch therapy. When our skin is touched, in the form of a massage, endorphins are released by a body. These act as natural pain killers.

Discover What Massage Treatment You Need

If you're looking for facts about massage therapy, you're in the right place.

For starters, massage has been used for thousands of years as one of the best ways to treat and prevent illnesses and injuries of all kinds. This art offers hundreds of unique characteristics and benefits that can help every kind of body.

There are more than 250 types of massage, but on this page we’ll sum up some facts about a few of the most popular, including the ones that CoLaz salons and spas.

A to Z List of Facts about Massage Therapy

Aromatherapy – one of CoLaz's most popular offerings, aromatherapy has been a favorite to relax and restore good health since the times of the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks.

Body Alignment – common for those with sports injuries, the focuses of this type of massage are flexibility and body functionality.

Cryotherapy – uses the application of cold water and ice to decrease blood flow, swelling and inflammation around an injury.

Deep tissue Massage – also called Swedish massage, it was actually invented in ancient Asia. It requires an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology for most effectiveness.

Endermologie – the best type of massage for treating cellulite, due to its ability to flush out toxins, and improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Very similar results to CoLaz’s Laser Lipo treatment.

Foot Massage – also known as foot zone therapy, it is another great service offered by CoLaz. Foot massage relies on expert knowledge of the pressure points in the feet to create positive reactions elsewhere in the body.

Gyrotonic massage – a popular method for mobilizing the joints. Combines key ideals from gymnastics, ballet, yoga, and swimming.

Hot Stone Therapy Massage – one of CoLaz’s most popular services, this massage was first used in China 200 years ago. It involves carefully placing heated rocks over specific areas of the back, arms, and legs.

Indian Head Massage – CoLaz offers this type of massage to release head and neck tension, relieve sinus pressure and earaches, and align the chakras.

Japanese Restoration Therapy – uses integral concepts of martial arts styles to heal various ailments. It has been in use for more than 1500 years.

Kinesiology – involves the medical principles of body mechanics and knowledge of anatomy to encourage a full range of motion.

Lymph Drainage Therapy – lymph drainage can be achieved through more than just this specific type of therapy, including those CoLaz specialises in, like Indian head massage and hot stone therapy. Lymph drainage encourages immune health, among other things.

Muscle Release Massage – practically every type of massage can claim some sort of muscle benefit, but muscle release focuses specifically on relief from various muscle injuries.

Neuromuscular Massage – tests muscle groups for their coordination which may have been damaged from overuse.

Osteokinetic Massage Therapy – uses breathing exercises besides body lengthening and stretching techniques to improve space in the skeleton.

Pregnancy Massage – there are a few different types of massage offered at CoLaz that are not only safe, but also recommended for pregnant women who need relaxation and relief from all the stresses pregnancy can cause. Foot massage, aromatherapy body massage, and head massage are all great pregnancy options.

Quantum Energetics Massage – a holistic massage technique that uses vibrations and bodily energies to heal.

Reflexology – another technique offered by CoLaz, based on Chinese therapy, reflexology involves manipulating pressure points in the hands, feet, and head to stimulate other parts of the body.

Shiatsu – a popular Japanese massage technique involving acupressure points manipulated by the fingertips.

Thai Massage – as the name suggests, it was invented in Thailand more than 2,000 years ago, supposedly by Buddha’s personal doctor.

Vitaflex – originated in India and Tibet; is a massage technique that uses the fingertips and nails to produce currents that energise the body. It is best used in conjunction with aromatherapy.

Yoga – while not exactly a type of massage, it is a great technique for loosening, strengthening, and improving the body. It was invented by Hindus in ancient India.

Zen Shiatsu – involves two hands to traditional shiatsu’s one, for balance and alignment.

So now you know lots of interesting facts about massage therapy and still only some of the many types are mentioned here.

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