Facial laser hair removal at Southall

by Maz

For a few years now I have been getting more and more frustrated with my increasing facial hair and finally decided to do something about it.

I came across the Southall branch by accident and booked a patch test appointment on the spot. The price quoted was fair (I had done some research beforehand) and the premises looked very clean and professional.

I was given a lot of information on hair growth cycles, possible side effects and expected results after the treatment. My first appointment was 2 weeks ago and I must say I'm extremely happy with the results.

Although the procedure was not the most pleasant experience in my life, it was certainly not painful, hardly any swelling/redness afterwards and I saw some immediate results. Though some stubborn hair took 2 weeks to fall out (which I was aware of), I think 80% of my hair is already gone after the first treatment!

Great result!

The staff at the branch are friendly and efficient and everything is spotless which is very important to me. Based on my experience I have started recommending Affordable Laser Hair removal to my friends!

From Maz

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Upper Lip and Chin Testimonial At Affordable Laser Southall

by Sabah

Hi all for those of you who wish to get laser done on your upper lip and chin here is more first hand experience.

The staff at Southall branch are very polite, professional and put you at ease straight away with answering your questions fully. Once they have got your skin type information you will have a patch test and asked to come back, I personally had no reaction to the yag machine, it feels like first a shot of warm air and then suddenly cold air is blown in to cool the area.

I started my first course and was amazed by the first treatment, before I had ingrowing hair on my upper lip that was sorted out straight away, then my second upper lip hair removal treatment left my hair growing finer, that in itself gave me a boost of confidence, I felt like another person, actually being able to talk to people without cutting the conversation short so that they don't notice my upper lip hair.

After my second treatment I decided to get my underarms done as that a headache shaving all the time. Again was very pleased by the first treatment and cant wait to get all of my course of 6 treatments done. I cant tell you how happy I am to have discovered affordable laser for those of you who are thinking about getting it done, like me I waiting 2 years but I wish I had done it much sooner, you will not regret your choice.

Now I am going to start saving so I can get other treatments done.

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Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Southall Branch

by Lama Majed

I am currently undergoing laser hair removal treatments for my full face and I can truly say that I am overjoyed with the results.

As I have PCOS, I was recommended to have 12 sessions to make sure that the unwanted hair stops growing back completely. Also there are special discounts on prices and packages for PCOS sufferers which is very convenient.

I have had 5 sessions so far and can already see the difference; it's amazing! The hair takes so much longer to grow back and it's finer and lighter as well. NO more waxing, threading, plucking or using facial hair removal creams ever again!

The service that I receive is fantastic and I am really happy with the staff at the clinic, especially my laser technician, who carries out the treatment so efficiently. She is very understanding and helps me to feel at ease and comfortable during my sessions.

Since starting laser hair removal, I have recommended two people to have treatments at Affordable Laser and will be really happy to recommend more!

I would definitely recommend anyone who is thinking about doing laser hair removal as the results are fantastic and it's really PAIN-FREE!

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Face Laser Hair Removal Chin


I have been to 3 other places that offer laser and found Colaz laser to be the most effective!

When I completed my course of treatments at the previous places I did not really notice results immediately and found one place to be quite painful!

The course of treatments were also more expensive compared to Colaz Laser.

I went to the Southall branch of Colaz Laser (recommended by a relative) for a patch test, and then signed up to a course of treatments. I have currently had 5 treatments and have found the results to be great! The thicker hair has actually become softer and some hairs have become so fine I cannot see them unless it's using x2 magnified mirror!

My consultant Kay has even suggested leaving a longer gap for my next treatment, until there is some growth as it has been almost 4 weeks since my last treatment and there is nothing to zap away. : )

I have had the treatment on my chin area and as most women can relate is a prominently visible area of the face. I will try it on other areas once this course is complete as I am happy with the results and prices compared to previous experiences.

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A Valued Customer Having Pain Free Laser Hair Removal in Southall

by HT

Hi, I've been having laser in the Southall branch since the branch first opened and have seen many positive changes and introductions of the latest treatments.

I love the new pain free machines used in the salon which makes having laser so much easier and much more bearable. So far I've had full face, arms and underarms lasered and to date I've seen a marked reduction on hair growth on the arms and underarms which is great!

I can now go longer in between sessions until my next session. I am so satisfied with my results that I now considering going for full bikini or full legs as my next treatment. Also, I have to say I am loving the new look of the Southall branch which looks fresh and inviting and stands out from the rest of the wannabe salons offering laser but with less than advanced equipment.

The rooms are now spacious and professional giving off a peaceful and inviting experience however I wouldn't mind having some relaxing music it help the ambiance.

Well done on providing this professional look and proving your high customer care and I look forward to many more years of being your customer.

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Hair Removal For My Hairy Face At CoLaz

by Jade

Wow it's changed my life.

I have lived with a hairy face for 33 years, I would shave,wax,pluck and even dye my hairs to get rid! If I was going out on a night out and didn't have time I would quickly shave.

Hoping that no light would shine on my face, or no one would touch my face especially the next day! Awful way to live and my confidence is WAS very low .

In the summer I would get very depressed and look at women with nice perfect hair free skin and die for it.

But no word of a lie, I found Colaz on the Internet. I then had a consultation, I am now on my fifth treatment out of six. And I feel like a different person !

My skin is smooth clear and has very little groth at all now . Truth is I might need little top ups as my hair is very course .... But as I say it's a life changing experience, I don't hide behind scarves or run when the sun is shining on my face or shave before I go out to a nigh club . I'm so happy.

Angie is the lady who has been doing my treatments in the southall branch . She is so gentle, kind and explains everything . All of the staff there are welcoming and I' give the whole experience ten out of ten .

No faults at all honestly! Perfect. I'm happy and hair free and could not of found a better place to have it done !

They do great deals also!!!!!!!

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