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Facial Waxing
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Don’t Be Nanny McPhee! Enjoy a Clean Face with Facial Hair Waxing from CoLaz

Having a smooth face not only makes you more attractive but also boosts your confidence. Waxing is one of the fastest, easiest, and most affordable methods to get the look.

There are lots of ways to remove excess hair from your face, but the favorite method of men and women all throughout the UK is waxing by CoLaz.

Why Wax Facial Hair?

Almost everyone can get their hair waxed. Men, women, the old and the young— all have areas that could use a touch up. Removing facial hair isn't just for one gender or ethnicity anymore.

This procedure at CoLaz is great for removing, shaping, or taming:

  • Men's mustaches and beards
  • Sideburns
  • Women's upper lip hair
  • Eyebrows
  • Chin hair
  • Neck and jaw hair

Men may opt for it because of its long lasting effects on their scruffy necks, fuzzy ears, and overgrown eyebrows. Women love the relief from a prickly upper lip and stubborn chin hair, and to get beautiful brows.

Thewell- trained waxing technicians at CoLaz can help you remove exactly the right amount of hair to get the defined or hair-free look you love.

Leave It to the Professionals

It might sound easy to take on the task of waxing at home, but the truth is that it can be more harmful than convenient.

If you aren’t well-versed in the art of using hot wax, you can burn, blister, or even scar the thin, delicate skin on your face—a look far worse than the manly mustache.

Agreed that waxing is fast and simple because the properly applied strips remove lines of hair all at once, so you’re not stuck tweezing or shaving for

hours on end. But if you try it yourself, one little patch of misplaced wax can remove whole sections of hair that were supposed to stay!

Trust the professionals at CoLaz and avoid uneven (or missing) eyebrows.

Facial waxing is an easy and affordable way to control unwanted hair on your upper lip or around your brows. It can shape attractive beards and even rescue women embarrassed by excess hair from hormonal imbalances.

It is perfect if you’re not sure you’ll want the same beard or brow look in the future, because it’s only semi-permanent. You can enjoy longer-lasting results than shaving or tweezing without committing to the same look for too long.

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