Best Dermalogica Facial Hounslow

by Hardeep

My experience at affordable laser was amazing. When I arrived at the Hounslow branch I found that the receptionist was very welcoming and extremely friendly, which was nice and made me feel relaxed as I was nervous due to past experiences in different local salons.

The staff were all very friendly which made me feel at ease. I didn't have to wait past my appointment time, this was also a good thing.

My therapist was a very nice lady too. She was very friendly, polite and helpful. The treatment room was amazing.

My initial reaction was 'wow!' When I walked in because you don't see many salon treatment rooms set out like this in Hounslow especially the waterfall and relaxing music.

The therapist gave me enough time to take off the appropriate clothing and wrap myself into a gown/towel. She made sure I was comfortable on the treatment couch and warm by offering me another blanket.

Then she proceeded with the facial. She advised me on each step she carried out before hand and what to expect when applying the products. ie. if the products was cold etc. I found the facial very relaxing and very professional.

The environment was very clean. I can't express enough how pleased I was with the whole experience. Amazing salon. Amazing staff and very professional all round.

I would also like to express that the benefit and result of my facial was too very noticeable. I would definitely be booking in again and recommending this place to my friends and family.

I also use the vibro plate on a daily basis which is doing wonders for me.

Overall experience was Awesome :) Thank you once again.

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Teenage facial Housnlow

by Sanamdeep Takhar

Colaz in Hounslow is kept clean and tidy. The receptionist Sam is very kind, and caring... Before the facial i had so many black heads on my nose and chin but after the facial i had no spots. Also, my face felt very soft afterwards. The rooms are kept very clean. I like the way they made the rooms into a rainforest. It made me feel relaxed.

I am glad that the Colaz leaflet came through my door. The person that did my facial, her name is Preety and she explained what i have to do to keep my face clean very well.

The treatment was affordable and all the members are nice...

The manager Harpreet is very kind and nice.... she helped me alot.

When i was having my facial the music was nice and calming... Also the sound of the waterfall was soothing.

i was greeted with a friendly smile.

I would defiantly recommend this to anyone that needs anything to be done.

If you ask them a question they will give you good advice.

i would defiantly go there again....(183)

If i could rate it i would rate it 10/10 because it is amazing. Also it has a friendly atmosphere.....


from Sanamdeep Takhar

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Super deep cleansing facial at Hounslow branch

by Jayshree Flynn

I was very impressed with my deep cleansing facial with Preety at the Hounslow branch.

I was greeted with a friendly smile from the receptionist who bought me a glass of water and asked if I needed anything else. The service was prompt and I was seen on time, which is very rare with the other salons I have visited!

Preety was friendly,and analysed my skin to match the products she was using. The facial massage was very relaxing and used firm strokes, rather than just soft light strokes that don't really feel as if anything is really being done!

Blackheads were removed and I really felt as if my face was being deep cleansed and not just surface cleansed.

The room itself was dark helping me to relax, and there were also candles and relaxing music to further aid my enjoyable experience.

I will definitely be going back to the salon for a repeat facial, as my skin felt so good afterwards.

I was also impressed that during my treatment at no point were we disturbed by anyone else, which is often the case at other salons when staff members pop in and out of the treatment room.


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