Electrolysis hair removal or Laser

by Steve
(Harrow )

Hi Not sure if I should have laser or electrolysis?.

Can you explain the difference between either laser or electrolysis hair removal please.

Thansk Steve


Hi Steve

Thank you for contacting CoLaz. We do provide laser hair removal for the eyebrow area however please be in mind the laser can only be carried out on the top of the eyebrows and the midbrow.

We are not able to carry out Laser hair removal on the bottom of the brows due to health & safety reasons. Laser hair removal is a permanent reduction in hair growth therefore you can obtain a 50 - 80% reduction within a course of 6 - 12 sessions followed by top ups.

Hairs tend to fall out after around 5 - 10 days although this depends on each client as their are many factors such as skin type, hair growth and previous methods of hair removal which have been carried out to take into consideration which impact the results.

Electrolysis offers more of a permanent solution for hair removal by using a direct electric current onto the hair that needs to be treated. The current destroys the hair at the root therefore each hair follicle is removed. This is why this treatment is both effective and can lead to permanent hair removal but can be costly and time consuming in the long run than traditional laser hair removal treatments.

I hope this information is helpful for yourself. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be more than happy to help answer your questions.

Kind Regards

CoLaz Advanced Beauty Specialists

464 Alexandra Avenue,


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Is it safe to Laser hair removal between eyebrows?

by klaus
(Stuttgart Germany)

Hello CoLaz

I am a man of thirties and have very coarse eyebrows,is eyebrows lasering effective in my case and what is the percentage of permanent satisfied result if I want to remove the hair between eyebrows? and does that affect the eyes?

Finally, do the hair falls out directly after the first session because shaving this small area is almost difficult and it is very embarrassing to let it without shaving as it is very apparent in the face.

Thanks a lot Regards



Hello klaus

Thank You for contacting CoLaz in regards to your treatment. We understand excess hair growth can often reduce a person's self confidence. Please see below for the answers to some of your questions/ concerns.

In regards to the laser treatment being effective; laser hair removal is one of the most common forms of permanent hair reduction in the UK. We do not guarantee it is permanent hair removal as it is permanent hair reduction which means once you reach your top up sessions the intervals between your treatments becomes less frequent. For example we have a client who lives abroad and comes to us to have a top up session done once a year as her hair growth has become much less frequent then before.

Whilst your treatment is being carried out your eyes are fully protected as we apply goggles on yourself to ensure there is no direct contact between the laser itself and your eyes. In regards to the shaving in between the sessions you would need to shave one day before the treatment and 10 days after, We understand your concern in regards to the hair growing throughout the treatment and how self conscious it can make an individual feel however, it is a long term investment which means you would need to leave the hairs there until they are ready to be shaved between the sessions.

In regards to the difficulty you are experiencing with the shaving there is a small razor specially made for eyebrows which you can use it is called the 'tinkle eyebrow razor' which is specially formulated to use for shaping/removing hairs temporarily from around the eyebrows without using a large sized razor.

After your first session you will see some difference in regards to your hair growth and the shedding process should start during your treatment up to your 10 day shave. My best suggestion would be for yourself to attend a free laser hair removal consultation with one of our fully trained and qualified consultants who would be able to suggest best suitable treatment for yourself, how many sessions you may require, asses the area(s) needing treatment and investment details can also be discussed on this day. A patch test is also carried out for yourself as this is compulsory before starting treatment. Please note there is no charge for this as it is included in your free consultation.

If you would be interested in booking yourself in with one of our laser technicians please do not hesitate to contact us either via email or directly on the branch telephone number provided below.

We look forward to hearing from yourself soon.

Kindest Regards,
CoLaz, Hounslow
Branch Manager
0208 577 9353
Instagram colaz_hounslow
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Hair Removal Using Electrolysis To Remove Unibrow Hair

by Klaus
(Stuttgart, Germany)


thanks very much for interaction and replying to our enquiries.

I came back again but this time to ask about electrolysis to remove unibrow

I heard it is more effective and has permanent result and no need to shave between sessions, therefore lesser than laser,so is that right?

And does it work on coarse thick brows?

How many sessions does one need for this process?

Finally, is it dangerous to apply it beside the eyes?

Thanks a lot


Stuttgart, Germany


Hi Klaus

Thank You for your reply, in regards to the electrolysis hair removal on the face this is a permanent solution for hair removal which treats each hair individually one follicle at a time, laser hair removal works on dark hairs however electrolysis works on individuals with more fine, blond, red or grey hairs.

For more thick and coarse hairs, laser hair removal would be a great option as it would be more effective on the hairs you are describing as thick and coarse and would work much faster and less costly as many hairs are treated simultaneously.

If you chose to go ahead with Electrolysis hair removal it would work on your eyebrow hairs however the process would be more lengthy rather than if you chose to do Laser hair removal, as each hair is removed individually.

In regards to the sessions you may require it can depend from each individual as we would need to assess the hair growth in the area needing treatment beforehand and you would need to come more frequently in the beginning of your treatments, once we have seen some reduction in the hair growth we would then suggest for yourself to start extending the time period in which you are coming between your sessions.

In regards to whether electrolysis hair removal is safe or not do so near to the eye area, it is proven safe to do electrolysis on all areas from the face to the bikini line.

Throughout your treatment's you would be required to let the hairs grow in order for the therapist to be able to treat the hair with the electrolysis machine which means there is no shaving involved in the entire process whereas with laser hair removal you would be required to shave in between treatments.

I hope this was of some help for yourself.

Kindest Regards,
CoLaz, Hounslow
Branch Manager
0208 577 9353
Instagram colaz_hounslow
Facebook colazhounslow

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Laser Hair Removal Results

Hello there,

I was wondering if i could rack your brains as you seem to know your stuff and are very honest about Laser Hair removal results. I'm male Asian. I'm currently having Lazer Hair removal on upper arms and upper back/shoulder area but not really seeing any results.

I have had 5 sessions so far, majority of the hair does not even shed? It should shouldn't it?

Uses Nd:Yag cynosure apogee elite, 7mm spot (person treating says to get fluence up for permanency) I'm going in about every 8 weeks initially now 10 weeks to give more hair the chance to be in anagen stage.

I initially thought the hair was too fine and hence not shedding almost just singed like then growing out the skin as if the laser did nothing for it, but i was seeing perifollicular edema so operator informed me hair was coarse enough?

Should I continue with treatments even though i don't see full shedding or maybe try the soprano?

I would also like a reduction on full legs and feet, 50% is this possible?

what about patchy regrowth?

I have included a pic of my leg after my patch test with Nd:YAG again most the hair never shed, but just so you can assess the growth for soprano.

What kind of settings would you use for my skin type? ideally I would like to be treated at high settings so as to try and achieve the best possible reduction?

Also how many passes do you make over the area typically, i.e. do you stop when patient says it too hot or just stop when you think its had enough?

The soprano website shows maximum fluence of 120j, but if the machine only goes up to 10j?

How did they get 120, should it not be 100j.cm2 if for example it is an area of 10 x 10?

Please forgive me for asking so many questions lol, should i wish to come in for a consultation which clinic are you yourself based?

Thank you



Not 100% sure with the Cynosure apogee elite ND YAG as we use the ND YAG Candela.

With the Candela laser some of the hairs will shed and some of them will not but once you’ve shaved them the new hair growth is normally patchy so you should start seeing in around two to three weeks that the hair growth coming back patchy.

If you are not getting any hairs back patchy or hair growth is normal after two to three weeks I suggest you go back and speak to whoever has done your treatment with our Candela YAG clients they see patches after their treatment normally about two to three weeks later.

With the treatment times it normally depends on your re-growth so if you are going in at 8 weeks and now you are going in at 10 weeks I assume the reason why is because you don’t have much hair growth at 8 weeks.

The way we do it, if a client is booked in at 6 weeks and they don’t really have much hair growth then there is no point for them to come in for a treatment unless the hair has started to come back through as that is the new hair growth coming back.

That’s when we will do a treatment so I am assuming that your therapist is extending the time because you are getting some sort of laser hair removal result where the hair is taking longer to grow back.

My question is do you shave prior to your treatment? Because the hair should not actually be singed as the area should be clean shaven for better results.

If you are seeing the perifollicular adema that is actually good. We do need to see a bit of the adema with the NDYAG because if you don’t see much the settings are not that high enough so they will normally increase it slightly.

Regarding continuing the treatments – it depends how much laser hair removal results you’ve seen. I mean the majority of clients should be seeing some sort of results after 5 sessions. If you are concerned my advice is speak with your therapist.

NDYAG is a very good laser machine especially for the Asians and you do see good laser hair removal results. If you do want to switch to the soprano I suggest you actually have a patch test done prior to your treatment.

With the soprano you will see shedding because the heat is gradually being pumped into the area, shrinking the hair follicle so you see shedding at a faster rate .

Regarding how many passes we make over the typical area? It really depends on your skin type and the area of the size. We don’t stop when the patient says it’s too hot because we have to put the correct energy in and with the Soprano Xl Laser there is an inbuilt cooling system that cools the skin which allows us to carry on treating without burning the client.

Soprano settings are very different from the NDYAG settings and being a diode laser this is done slightly different so for me to go into details is quite confusing.

To give you an idea on settings for the Soprano laser if you do a small patch 10 * 10 cm Asian skin type 5 we will normally put you on a fluency of 7 or 8 and the energy we will input in the area will vary from 8 kilojoules to 10 kilojoules. It is very different from the NDYAG because the reason the energy is less is because it is actually fired slower. This may sound confusing the best thing for you to do is come in for a FREE consultation and we can discuss this further.


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