Electrolysis Vs. Laser Hair Removal: What’s the Best Hair Removal Option for You?

When it comes to making a choice between laser hair removal or electrolysis, there are a few subtle differences between the two services.

If you are interested in learning more about both processes, given below are some details that will help you choose the best option.

All About the Difference Between Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis – The Face-Off First, understand that electrolysis is often referred to as a type of hair removal, which is very different than the traditional methods.

It uses electric current to remove the unwanted hair from face, chin, upper-lip, pubic area and other parts of the body.

Laser Hair Removal

  • This method hair removal uses light beams to target whole
  • sections of hair at one time.
  • It is best suited for people with dark hair and light skin, because the laser beams are attracted to dark pigments.
  • Laser hair removal treatment makes hair follicles in the correct growth cycle stage fall out.
  • Successive treatments are required, but will eventually it captures all desire
  • Successive treatments are required, but will eventually it captures all desired hair.
  • The results are very long-lasting, but not fully permanent.
  • Unlike electrolysis, laser does not permit you to get difficult areas like eyebrows treated.


  • Electrolysis is a little different. It is uses electricity instead of light beams.
  • It can lead to permanent results after successive sessions more than 90 percent of the time.
  • The process involves a tiny probe being inserted into the skin next to the hair follicle to administer a small electrical jolt.This kills the hair at the root, and then the trained technician will remove the treated hair.
  • Electrolysis is more time consuming and often costs more in the long run than traditional laser hair removal.

Electrolysis versus laser hair removal is an important distinction to make when deciding how to get rid of your unwanted facial and body hair.

Millions of people are bothered by continuous shaving and waxing and need permanent results. Electrolysis is the best option if this sounds like your situation, because the hair won’t grow back to irritate you. It was invented more than 100 years ago!

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