Electrolysis Treatment Southall CoLaz


My name is Jayshiree and recently I started treatment by electroysis at Colaz at Southall. I was pleasantly surprised as the Consultant who saw me gave me advice on my skin, I have been now 7 times and am so happy with my treatment and the staff at the premises.

I have recommended the Centre to many of my friends -who have since contacted and started their treatment with the Centre.

I will be also getting my Neices when they become of age to come to this Centre for their Hair problems on their bodies.

I feel so much confident in my appearance -once this treatment is done i will be taking my inch loss program around by waist and arms where I have stubborn fat/skin.


Thanks again to all the staff

Jayshiree x

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Consultation for electrolipolysis Slimming Treatment Southall London

by Mumtaz
(Southall,London,England )

I received a leaflet through the door and had been thinking to do something about my weight. When I rang to enquire it was made very easy to come straight away for a consultation.

I was very happy with the service I was given. The environment was welcoming and clean. The staff were able to answer the questions I had. I felt that the procedure was something I could go through and I was made comfortable and reassured with any anxieties that I had.

It was good that I was able to see what. Was going to happen to me while going through the procedure .
Kam was very helpful. I felt good that she wasn't just trying to sell the product to me. She advised me to my needs which made me feel that I was in good hands.

Knowing that I could request her to carry out the procedure was reassuring. I really hope that this can help me as. I have been thinking about this for awhile but not had enough courage to go ahead and do this until know.

I was made to feel that the staff were very professional in their approach to the services that you provide.

I have a large family, and would definitely recommend your company. There are a lot of places who carry different types of beauty treatments and it is difficult to know which company to use.

As customers we want the best service but we also look for the best price. It is difficult to cover all the costs that we have and to prioritize them. I hope that I can benefit from the treatments that I have done.


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Electrolysis Hair Removal To Facial Laser In Southall Middx

by Mona

I had a very thick growth on the side of my face, chin and neck which made me feel very uncomfortable.

I had electrolysis and then thermolysis but nothing worked on me. I had my first facial laser treatment 10 years ago and had at least 15 sessions before I gave up as the clinic had doubled up its prices. The treatment did help me to some extent but it was very painful and also left a few scars on my face.

I had to use a lot of ice after the treatment.

A few years later found another clinic where the treatment was not very painful. I had at least 13 sessions with that clinic and for some reason could not have a session for 10 weeks and my facial hair went back to square one leaving me with nothing but disappointment.

Then I happened to pop into the Southall branch of Affordable laser. The staff was very welcoming and friendly. The clinic was so clean & spotless and above all, the package that was offered was very reasonable.

I could not believe it as I was paying a lot more than the price that I was offered here. So decided to give another try.

I have had only 6 sessions on my full face and neck. The last session I had was 6 months ago and now need a top up session after 6 months only, although I am taking treatment on my upper lips and chin.

I am so glad that I gave it a try. I have recommended this to my friend and my sister as well.

This laser technology has worked on my stubborn hair, will surely work on yours.

I have found the right one and I am sure you will say this too : )


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CoLaz Southall Electrolysis Hair Removal

by Gurpreet Kaur

If you believe in miracles I would call this place one!!!

I was really troubled with facial hair and I had tried almost everything....two years of Laser treatment in India...shedding so much money and no effects at all and then being called a man etc etc....

I finally started searching for clinics that offer electrolysis online when I came across Colaz *southall*....I enrolled myself for an electrolysis package....The service was superb but as electrolysis takes long to show results one of the staff members suggested laser but as I did not have visible results through my treatments in India I wasn't sure about it....

But they suggested a patch test and then I actually saw the results.....The reason why I got these results is that they inquired about my skin type in detail and asked me to get checked by a doctor to confirm its not due to any medical problems0the hair growth.

I started my treatment in February and have had 5 treatments and the results are AMAZING....I don't need to hide my face when I talk to someone....don't need to hear comments like but a shaving brush or mens razor or are u a girl.....

The staff is well qualified, know their business and they are very very helpful....appointments are easy to get

The patch test is free so if u want one....there's nothing to lose...

I would definitely definitely recommend this place as its changed my life.....thank u very very much

And yes be free to ask as many questions u can because they are never tired of answering your questions...

A special thanks to Hina, Kay and one of the girls whose name starts with C,sorry cant remember the exact name

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