Planning to Undergo Electrolysis? Here Are Some Facts You Need to Know!

Electrolysis is one of the most popular treatments for unwanted hair removal. Nowadays, a lot of people in UK are opting for this revolutionary procedure to get rid of their excessive facial and body hair.

Irresepective of its growing popularity, there are many who find themselves confused about whether or not to undergo electrolysis for hair removal.

If you are looking for the right hair removal method and electrolysis is on your list, here is some necessary information and facts that you should know.

How Does Electrolysis Work?

Firstly patients' are required to grow their hairs around 2 cm or longer above the skin. Electrolysis is conducted with the use of a very thin needle which has an electric current passing through it.

Once the electricity makes contact with the hair root it will attempt to damage it. There are two methods currently used by therapists these are galvanic and thermolysis.

Any individual clients' hair growth may be treated with either or a combination of both methods. The difference between the two is that one works by creating a chemical reaction which can cause the damage to the hairs. The other relies on heat production in order to burn the hair. Once hairs are treated, they are removed gently by using tweezers.

Yikes, Needles!

These needles are sterilised and disposed off. So there is no posed risk of infection or spreading diseases.

The therapist will also wear a fresh pair of gloves and will sanitise the skin during the treatment. Make sure you always attend a salon or clinic where there are fully trained technicians carrying out the treatments.

Will It Leave Scarring?

Not if done correctly. The use of the needle against the skin does cause a risk of causing small scratches.

However when the treatment is conducted properly, you should not experience any scars or marks after treatment. So your skin will not only be hair free, but should be clear of scars too.

If electrolysis is done in order to remove a blemish it may leave a temporary scar in the area. This varies according to the treatment procedure.

Does Electrolysis Hurt?

Electrolysis hair removal has come a far way; it has been on the market for over 100 years as it was first developed in 1875.

Virtually any area on the body can be treated using this method except for inside the nose and ears. The treatment will prevail a sensation of heat which some may find uncomfortable. This is a pinch of heat which does not leave a lasting painful feeling.

If you are feeling discomfort from the treatment please inform your therapist, trained practitioners will be able to adjust machine settings and the method they are using to treat the hairs. This may help to reduce any pain initially felt by the Electrolysis probe. Now that you know all about what is electrolysis.

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