Is Electrolysis the Process You Are Looking for Facial Hair Removal?

The electrolysis facial hair removal process helps not only women in the humiliating state of having sideburns, mustaches, and even beards, but it also solves grooming problems for men as well.

Millions of women all over the UK are suffering daily from embarrassing, persistent hair on their faces—a condition that can really detract from femininity and feeling attractive.

Men of all lifestyles often enjoy not having to shave their jaw and neck twice a day or deal with a 5 o’clock shadow before noon! If you fit into any of these categories or even countless others, electrolysis hair removal may be perfect for you.

Why Should You Choose CoLaz for Permanent Facial Hair Reduction

If you are looking for a natural and effective hair removal method for your face, Electrolysis is definitely the one you need to pick! CoLaz can help you in the best possible way.

We understand that prescription medicines, heredity, immune disorders, and hormone imbalances are just a few of the conditions that can contribute to overabundant facial hair.

There are numerous ways to get rid of the hair: shaving, waxing, bleaching, and other painful, ineffective remedies. Why would you want to apply chemicals and blades to your delicate facial skin when electrolysis facial hair removal is so achievable?

The process uses no chemicals and is extremely safe and effective for men and women of all skin types, ethnicities, and hair colors and textures.

You Can Achieve Permanent Results With CoLaz

Electrolysis is often referred to as a type of laser hair removal, but as the name implies, it actually uses small jolts of electricity to remove the hair instead of light beams. This is the fact that enables electrolysis to be so effective for so many types of people. Unlike laser hair removal, people of all skin and hair types can enjoy the permanent results.

Laser beams connect with pigments, meaning dark skin can be burned by absorbing too much light and light hair can be immune from treatment because it can’t absorb enough light.

Also, curly hair can be difficult to continuously wax or shave because ingrown hairs are common results of a curved hair shaft. Electrolysis solves these problems with its very different process.

A small probe is inserted into the skin next to the hair that is to be removed. Then a tiny electrical pulse kills the hair root so that the hair can be manually removed. Hair that is treated in this way can’t grow back after enough treatments, because the root itself is permanently destroyed.

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