Does laser remove grey hair

by harbinder

I have black and grey hair .. will laser remove the grey hair as well

Reply Hi Harbinder,

Laser hair removal is effective on black or dark brown hairs. If you have grey, white, blonde or red hair then this can be treated by alternative methods.

The reason why grey hairs are untreatable using laser is because laser targets pigment within the hair. These other hair colours would not be dark enough for a laser light beam to be able to penetrate.

Other methods of hair removal include Electrolysis; similar to laser hair removal this can promise permanent results. On top of that where laser can influence a reduction, electrolysis can effectively prevent treated hairs from ever returning.

This method involves passing an electric current through each and every individual strand of hair. Before having electrolysis treatment done you should grow your hairs to around 1 – 2 cm length. Once the electric has killed the hair follicle these will be tweezed out.

Electrolysis can be quiet time consuming, as it involves treating each and every hair separately. Laser hair removal can target several hairs at once, so it is therefore likely that the best course of action for you to take would be to combine a course of Laser hair removal and electrolysis together.

All the black hairs can be reduced, leaving the grey hairs which will be unaffected by laser; these can be removed separately with electrolysis.
It is best for you to combine the treatments as opposed to sticking to just Electrolysis which treats all hair types, as this will mean your hairs can be treated in a shorter time frame.

I recommend that you schedule a one to one consultation with a therapist, they can explain each treatment procedure, and also diagnose whether the black hairs are thick enough to be treatable with laser hair removal.


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