Do you accept laser hair removal for those under 18?

Hi There

Do you accept laser hair removal for those under 18? I am currently 17 and considering it but need to know if there is a minimum age. Thanks


Hello there,

Firstly I would like to thank you for your interest in Colaz.

With compliance of the regulatory bodies, the requirements are that under 18’s cannot undertake Laser/IPL procedures until further notice. Under 18 year olds are categorised as a contraindication, and the classification scheme for Lasers and intense pulse lights state that there are potential risks of adverse side effects, for this reason we would withhold your treatment until you reach the age of 18 due to the harm that it could potentially cause.

Yes, other clinics may offer additional arrangements such as seeking consent prior to carrying out Laser/IPL treatments however this is not professionally advised.

On the other hand we also recommend waiting until you are through puberty and, if female, your menstrual cycle. More so, you need to be hormonally stable for this technique of hair removal to be effective for you. Once your hormones have regulated, you will have more of a permanent and effective result.

We are happy to book you in for a consultation just before your birthday so we can guide you the procedure and provisionally book you in for a treatment in advance.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone and/or email.

With warm regards,

Dilber Ezzu - Harrow Branch


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