Covid -19 Clinic Policy for Clients

At Colaz clinics, we've obtained appropriate and consistent guidance from a variety of authorities in and outside of the beauty and aesthetic business. This is an everchanging situation, and your clinic team must be both aware and vigilant in order to safeguard salon clients as well as themselves.

Our team members have all been educated about our Team Covid 19 Policy and get regular updates. We will do everything possible to ensure that when you visit the clinic, any risks are reduced as much as possible and that you will notice changes in the clinic environment and team procedures.

We will try our very best that your visit will not be disrupted, and that you will be well cared for by all of the staff at the clinic.

Our policy

Arriving at the salon

- Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment, as we must keep crowd levels at a minimum in the salon. In addition, there will be a tiny waiting area in reception

- Currently face mask are mandatory so we request all clients to wear a face mask when attend the clinic but if your treatment requires you to remove the mask then we will instruct you however you therapist will always keep her mask on.

- We apologize, but if you are late to your appointment, we will probably be required to reschedule it. Any delayed arrivals will have an impact on the following client's visit and the number of people in the salon.

- As you enter the salon, keep an eye out for the 2-meter markers posted at the entrance and stay two meters away from any other visitors who have arrived to be serviced. During your treatment it is not possible to maintain two meters so we will try our very best to limit your interaction between other staff.

- Please use the hand sanitiser dispenser at the entrance to reception.

- Before we begin your check-up, we may take your temperature with contactless equipment.

- Please do not bring any shopping bags into the salon and if you wear a coat, please keep it with you at all times.

- We are unable to provide refreshments at the moment. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we hope to be able to serve our full menu in the future.

Your Appointment

- Your therapist will take you to your room and carry out the treatment

- If you are having any face laser or other facial treatments then you will be required to remove your mask however the therapist will keep her mask or visor on at all times.

- if you have any concerns please let your therapist know.

- Rest assure all treatments rooms and equipment are cleaned and sanitised after each

Covid -19 Symptoms:

- If you've been diagnosed with Covid, we'll need proof of it so we can postpone your appointment without charges being incurred if it falls within our cancellation policy.

- Evidence that we would require is a positive test for PCR, which is normally sent to you via email from the testing site stating, you are positive. You can screen shot this and send via email or via whatsapp

- If you are still waiting for your PCR test results then we will accept the reference number of the test as evidence.

- If you have symptoms of covid-19 then let your clinic know who will be more than happy to rearrange your appointment after 10 days as per isolation guidelines.

- If you have symptoms and are cancelling or rearranging your appointment within 48 hours then a cancellation fee will be charged however once your PCR test results are back (whether it is negative or positive) and you provide evidence of this then this charge will be waived as you have had to isolate due to government advice.

- If in the meantime your result comes back negative then please send evidence of this and we will be more than happy to book you in for your treatment earlier.


- Where deposits are required, they will still be taken from clients. If someone needs to cancel within 48 hours due to developing Covid-19 symptoms, then your deposit will be transferable from 2 weeks after you present with symptoms – no refunds will be issued

- We encourage clinics to pay by card for safety reason.

- Our cancellation policy will remain in force. However, if you develop symptoms and cannot attend, please let reception know as they will talk you through what evidence we require to waive the cancellation charge. Please see above section on coronavirus symptoms for more details.