Get a Quote on the Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal for Your Unwanted Tattoo

The cost of laser tattoo removal varies based on a number of factors, including size and the degree of difficulty involved in removing it.

To receive an exact cost for removal, your tattoo will need to be evaluated in person by a Hounslow CoLaz tattoo removal specialist.

We understand that clients often prefer to research what the price of removing their tattoo might be before taking the next step, so we invite you to fill in the form below to receive an online quote.

NOTE: Online quotes are approximate and based on the information and photo(s) you submit.
They are for informational purposes only. In order to provide a full evaluation and an exact cost,
you will need to book an appointment at our CoLaz Hounslow location.

To help us provide the most accurate quote possible without physically evaluating your tattoo, please include the following:

  • One or more photos of your tattoo
  • A detailed description of your tattoo, including size and location on your body
  • Information about your skin such as your skin colour, how prone you are to burn rather than tan in the sun, and any details you can recall about how your skin reacted to being tattooed (eg. Was there any scarring?)
  • Details about the complexity and number of colours used in your tattoo
    We will be able to determine much of this ourselves from your photo (provided it is clear), but in particular it will be important for us to know if the tattoo you want removed is a cover up of a previous tattoo or not.

CAUTION: When choosing a laser removal specialist, do not base your decision on cost alone. Seek out a provider that offers competitive pricing while maintaining high quality standards in safety, cleanliness, effective up-to-date equipment with proven results, and qualified, professional, well trained practitioners.

A good deal is not so good if you do not attain your desired results and a low quote from a provider using outdated ineffective removal equipment can quickly add up to a high price if more an more treatments are required.

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