I got Acne - Small red spots on my cheeks and scarring

I think I gave myself acne, because I didn’t have it before. I think I did this because about a year ago I started using new products and I experimented with homemade face masks and scrubs. Some of the products I used resulted in my skin getting more oiler, bigger spots started to appear on my skin and one mask that I made resulted in the whole of my face having a shiny sheen. My skin got worse and my breakouts were more frequent.


Hi there

Acne occurs mainly at teenage age. It really flares up during puberty as the androgen hormone causes an increase in gland activity around the hair follicle. The increase in sebaceous gland activity will cause the body to produce more sebum and the build up of bacteria on the skin surface will cause pustules/Acne.

As your acne is active we will put you under the blue LED light and suggest a course of either skin peels or deep cleanse facials to help with bacteria build up.

I can also see from the image you sent you have got marks from where you have had acne, for this the best treatment would be Dermapen. Dermapen is a skin micro-needling treatment with minimum downtime which promotes scarless healing and natural collagen production in the skin to improve the appearance of scars, acne scarring , pigmentation and rejuvenates the skin. However for us to be accurate that this is the best treatment for your skin it will be ideal for you to come in so we can have a look at your skin.

It is also important you see your GP so they can put you on Oral Antibiotics such as Tetracycline and topical solutions.

We do recommend that you to come in and have a FREE consultation with one of our technicians - during this we will assess your skin so we are able to see which treatment will be more beneficial for you.

We provide a variety of skin treatments suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Please let me know when it is best for you to come in. We are open 7 days a week:

Monday to Friday: 10am to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 6pm

You can contact as via email or call us on 01753 522071.

Thank you.

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