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Case Study - A Warm Welcome for a Nervous Man

Ali, 39, a property surveyor from London, decided to go for male hair removal after his girlfriend suggested it, but he was disappointed to find that many beauticians wouldn’t accept male clients.

Nervous Man

Here’s A Brief Episode From Ali’s Hair Removal Journey With Us, At Colaz:

“I called a couple of places but they said they don't treat men, who I find ridiculous," said Ali.

"They just refused to have male clients. My sister recommended CoLaz, so I gave them a call and made an appointment.”

I was a bit apprehensive at first because I was a male going into a female environment, but they made me feel comfortable." The results have been spectacular and I highly recommend them.

First Visit

On his first visit, Ali tried electrolysis to remove hair on just a small area, but found it a painful experience. Persevering, he went back for treatment on a larger area with IPL, before reaping the benefits of the new Candela laser.

electrolysis to remove hair

"The first time I went I had electrolysis as I just wanted to try it out on a small area, but it hurt a lot. When I went back the second time my therapist explained that it wouldn't be suitable for treating the larger area that I wanted, so she recommended the IPL. The results were good but I found that really painful as well.”

“Just recently, CoLaz bought the new latest Candela laser and it's been absolutely wonderful. There's no pain whatsoever and all the hair growth has gone and hasn't come back.”

"The IPL treatment felt like an elastic band being flicked on my skin. It was quite painful when she fired the shot; it made me jump a bit. I'd usually spend about two hours at the clinic because of the large area I was having treated - two hours of quite a lot of pain. But since my therapist has been using the new laser machine, the treatment's really relaxing. I nearly fall asleep sometimes because I don't feel any pain at all, and the results I get are fantastic."

After two treatments , Ali is a happy customer.

"The hair hasn't grown back at all," he said. "CoLaz explained that it's not permanent because the growth cycle of the hair means I'll still have to have top-ups once or twice a year, but right now it looks great.

"My friend is looking at getting his chest done. I'll recommend he goes to CoLaz. I'd say to anyone definitely go to CoLaz Laser Hair Removal. They make you feel so comfortable there.”

“They've got individual rooms, so it's private. The staff is all polite, it's nice and clean and it's convenient - there's car parking right outside the shop and they open seven days a week. Perfect!"

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