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Brazilian Wax Treatments

There are many ways to remove unwanted hair in the bikini area and a Brazilian wax is one of the most popular.

It usually starts in the front area and as you go along it moves towards the back. Normally there is a small amount of hair that is being left in the front and that is called the landing strip, but most of my clients prefer to remove the hair completely.

Styles And Shapes

Brazilian Wax Treatments

Have you ever wondered why is it called a Brazilian?

According to Wiki Answers, it is called that because of the bikinis that women are wearing on the beaches in Rio.

They wear small and narrow bikini panties, and pubic hair will be visible if not trimmed or waxed.

To avoid the pubic hair sticking out on the sides of the bikini, women get waxing which would be compatible with the Brazilian bikini style.

It really doesn't matter if you are Brazilian or not. Brazilian waxing is now popular and being performed in different clinics and salons around the world. Modern men and women nowadays undergo waxing to boost their self confidence.

Brazilian Wax

After a Brazilian, it will not be embarrassing when you wear bikinis on a beach. You will notice that your skin is smoother in the bikini area and no more pubic hair sticking outside of your bikini.

In addition, it will increase your erotic life one step higher. It will give more pleasure for yourself and your partner.

Brazilian wax might be painful but the results are smooth skin and hair free bikini area. Before you undergo this waxing procedure, make sure that you trim your pubic hair at least ¼ inch long.

It will be more painful than usual if you have longer pubic hair. And it may not work for a shorter pubic hair because it may not be able to pull the hair.

I also recommend my clients to take pain killer 30 minutes before the procedure to lessen the pain, especially if you have low pain tolerance.

Hair definitely grows back after 4-6 weeks. Make sure that you book an appointment ahead of time with the same clinic and with the same person to avoid being exposed to different people every time you undergo Brazilian style hair removal.

Brazilian Wax Treatments

So make sure that you get the clinic's contact information and the name of the person who did the process for you.

A more permanent and less hassle solution is to have permanent laser hair removal for the bikini.

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