Brazilian hair removal for men

by Chris

Do you offer full brazilian hair removal for men and is it safe to try this?

We do offer hair removal for men too in all body areas. You will be pleased to know that around 40% of our clients are Male. When treating the male private area there are a number of different types of treatment. By this I am referring to the technical names used. The bikini line covers the upper pubic area and the sides of the thigh. The Brazilian would cover the ball sack and bikini line. A Hollywood includes everywhere and the bum crack is optional.

You have asked if this is a safe treatment – so I assume you are enquiring about laser hair removal. Laser does not penetrate past your hair follicles so it cannot damage your tissue or any other body organ beneath the skin. There is no medical research which has found it to affect fertility rates either. Therefore it is a safe treatment in those terms.

Laser has no side effects, as the procedure can heat up the skin it can often cause raised heat bumps or heat rash. This can be controlled with an anti-histamine tablet which is available over the counter in many chemists. Also you can apply aloe vera gel to the area to keep it cool and soothed after treatment.

You should schedule in for a consultation with a therapist, in order that they can assess how many treatments of laser you will require, and they can do a small patch test on the area. Majority of clients see optimum results within 6 – 12 sessions.

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