All You Need to Know about Botox Treatment

Today, it is better known as the preferred facial anti-aging treatment of many, but continued studies have proven that Botox injections can be effective on a range of other medical conditions also; from chronic migraines to easing muscle aches to uncontrolled sweating. While it’s ongoing popularity no doubt comes from our increasing preference for smooth skin, in defiance of the natural aging process, Botox is now not just for cosmetic procedures. 

Botox for Medical Conditions

While it gets a bad rep for being an injection formed from the toxin produced by the botulinum bacteria, over the years Botox has proved its versatility for number of benefits going well beyond cosmetic improvements. Here a number of medical conditions that Botox can treat on top of smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles:

  • Excessive sweating: Botox can be used to treat severe sweating, otherwise known as Hyperhidrosis, by stopping the production of sweat. An embarrassing problem that people suffer with on a day-to-day basis, Botox treatment can help lessen the condition. The injection works by inhibiting the chemical acetycholine, which is what stimulates the sweat glands. Botox treatment for severe sweating is usually administered into the underarm area, but some Botox surgeons have also used it to treat the palms of hands and soles of feet. You may need a treatment schedule involving more than one session but the results can last up to a year.

  • Chronic muscle pain: Botox can be used as a solution to treat specific target areas of those suffering from increased tension and recurringchronic muscle pain. The injections work to control the spasms associated with the pain by relaxing the offending muscle or muscle groups. Botox treatment for chronic muscle pain can reduce muscle-related conditions such as cervical dystonia and spasticity (neck muscle stiffness and spasms). The relief offered can last between 3-6 months, depending on the individual.

  • Chronic migraines: Botox research suggests that it can considerably ease the frequency and intensity of migraines for those who suffer them on a regular basis. Migraines have been linked to spasms of certain muscle groups which Botox injections inhibit. Injections are administered to a person’s forehead and neck area. For more information on using Botox to treat migraines, click here
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  • Overactive bladder condition: An overactive bladder (OAB) tends to occur from a group of symptoms that are related to the function of your bladder—it’s not a disease. It tends to increase the urgency and frequency of urinating in those who suffer from it. Botox can be an effective treatment for overactive bladder condition by working on the nerves in the area to block the signals that trigger your need to visit a bathroom. There is no limit to how long you can use Botox therapy to treat OAB condition and the effects can last up to 8 months.

As demonstrated, if administered by a skilled Botox surgeon, the injections can be used to treat a wide range of medical conditions that plague people every day. Primarily though, Botox also has significant effects in the reduction of facial fine lines and wrinkles making it the number one non-invasive cosmetic treatment. Those looking for an effective anti-aging solution tend to use Botox as it delays the need for more significant facial cosmetic surgery.

Botox: The Non-Surgical Solution to Lines and Wrinkles

Botox is considered to be a safe and effective procedure for people 18 years and older; those who begin by looking for a preventative measure against the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox has a considerable reputation for cosmetic improvements  and has earned its place as the most popular treatment for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. If you are considering Botox treatment for wrinkles, click here for more details

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