Botox Injections and the Ongoing Quest for Wrinkle-Free Skin

Over the years, since its first approved use in 1989 for treating uncontrolled blinking, Botox has moved more sure footedly from the medical world into cosmetics. In 2000, the injections were authorised to treat neck spasms but then in 2002, it gained certification for cosmetic use to combat the wrinkles between our eyebrows (our frown lines). Since then, Botox has risen in popularity to become the number one most common inject able treatment for facial lines and wrinkles. 

In our ongoing quest for youth and wrinkle-free skin, women and men alike are seeking more non-invasive methods of minimizing the laughter lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines that mark our aging process.

Dynamic wrinkles are formed over the years by the repetitive creasing of skin as we laugh, smile, frown and squint. Botox ticks all the boxes for a lot of people by working to keep the muscles from tightening so the skin appears smooth and line-free. 

Botox: The Botulinum Toxin A

Although Botox is created from the same bacteria which causes botulism, the concentration is far too low to be at all risky when injected into the face. There has never been a recorded case where the toxin effect has spread into a serious medical case when the treatment has been used at the recommended dosage and given by a skilled Botox Injections surgeon. The injection is a mix of a small amount of the botulinum toxin A powder and saline (sodium chloride). It is injected directly into specific muscles on the face depending on the botox you want to treat, and it takes between 24-72 hours to start taking effect.

Botox Injections are usually very well-tolerated by people and side effects are rare and few. The treatment works by blocking the organic chemical signal that allows for nerve impulses to respond and cause movement in facial muscles. A common misconception about Botox Injections treatment is that it will completely freeze your facial expression and movement. The goal of our skilled Botox Injections surgeons is to soften your facial lines and wrinkles while keeping your natural appearance and maintaining the ability to display emotion. 

How Does Botox Work?

Botox treatments take between 10-15 minutes and no anesthesia is required.It’s minimally invasive and works effectively on the dynamic wrinkles around the forehead, neck and mouth. Botox has been proven to lift the brow giving a more youthful appearance in a matter of days following your session.

The treatment involves a number of small injections and the majority of people aged between 18 and 65 are viable candidates. Injections should always be administered by a qualified professional and for long-term result should be repeated regularly which is why we recommend you visit our salons if you are considering Botox Injections. Our clients are able to continue about their usual daily activities with no problems following a successful Botox Injections session at CoLaz.

The full effects of your Botox Injections treatment will be seen up to two weeks after your injections once the muscles have completely relaxed, and the benefits can last for up to 3-4 months depending on the individual.

Possible Side Effects

Side effects from Botox Injections have only ever been reported in 1% of people who undergo treatment. Many of them will go away within a few hours and can be managed with paracetamol. They can include:

  • Slight swelling or redness of skin
  • Eyelid drooping, known as "ptosis"
  • Minor headache
  • Some bruising or tenderness of the injected area

In the rare occurrence that any of these symptoms last for more than a day then we advise clients to contact their GP.

The Cosmetic Benefits of Botox Injections

We all use a variety of facial expressions every day in conversation to laugh, emphasize a point, or show our displeasure or thought processes. These subconscious actions slowly become more visible with age and Botox Injections can help us achieve the flawless complexion we desire without the need for invasive surgical enhancements. People as young as 18 are eligible for the treatment as a preventative measure to stall dynamic wrinkles before they can begin. 

The most significant benefit of Botox Injections is that it works on practically everyone in just a matter of days. When administered by a skilled Botox Injections surgeon the results should make you look rested and beautiful. You should never look “frozen” or overdone after having your injections. Botox is an excellent first step to take on the path to facial rejuvenation, and its use can delay facial cosmetic surgery for longer. For more information and to book a free consultation, contact your nearest CoLaz clinic today. 

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