Everything You Need To Know

Threading hair removal has increased in popularity and usage around the world and there are numerous reasons for it.

First of all, these days women are not the only active seekers for effective hair removal methods, but also men, which is why the cosmetic industry is more innovative than ever.

Creams, waxes, tools and new methods are being discovered, and threading is one of the latest, showing great effectiveness.

Namely, it originates from Asia and over there is definitely isn’t a new hair removal method.

It is an old eyebrow shaping method that is the least painful and the least invasive used for centuries now.

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Full face threading or eyebrow threading is one of the most common methods that people ask for according to salon owners and aestheticians. Statistics show that people rate threading as the most effective facial hair removal method, and after trying it out for the first time, they would never go back to the other hair removal techniques.

What is Threading?


What is threading? Threading is a cosmetic technique that removes unwanted hair by plucking using only a twisted cotton thread.

As we said, in the Middle East this is nothing new because it has been practiced for centuries now as an effective and painless hair-removal technique.

People with sensitive skin will especially benefit from it because is less invasive than waxing and tweezing and leaves less redness and soreness on the skin.

Also, waxing is known to remove a thin layer of skin which leaves your skin susceptible to sun damage and infection whereas threading doesn’t do any of those.

It is really the most skillful method to experience because with a fluid motion of the hands and cotton thread a graceful brow is shaped with well-defined edges and clean frame around the eye.

How Does Threading Work?

How does threading work? Threading practically works by plucking out the unwanted facial hair using twisted cotton thread. You really cannot explain the movement until you see it. It takes plenty of practice to achieve the skillfulness in threading.

How to Remove Hair with the Thread?

How to remove hair with the thread? Professional aestheticians remove unwanted facial hair with fluid, rhythmic movement of the cotton thread.

These movements secure the hair underneath the thread and pluck it with utmost finesse and precision from the follicle. It is those movements that make the entire face threading so pleasant and painless.

What is the Best Way to Remove Facial Hair?

What is the best way to remove facial hair? The best way to remove female facial hair is threading. This is because the results are longer – lasting and pain is virtually non – existent.

Is Threading Safe?

Threading Safe

Is threading safe? Yes, threading is probably the safest facial hair removal method. The reason for this is that it doesn’t affect the skin in any way and it doesn’t require the use of any artificial and potentially dangerous chemicals and substances.

Waxing for instance not only removes a thin layer of the skin leaving it prone to infections and stinging but also the wax itself is made of artificial, harmful substances that penetrate deep into your skin.

It also leaves redness and marks and there is always the possibility of getting burned by it. Additionally, threading it extremely safe for sensitive skin.

Namely, the threading beauty treatment is the only treatment dermatologists recommend using for people with sensitive skin.

Is Threading Good for Face?

Is threading good for face? Yes, threading is a very good facial hair removal method. Its effects last longer than waxing, tweezing or shaving and each time you get threaded, the hair grows thinner and finer, more bright and not so visible.

How Long Does Face Threading Take?

How long does face threading take? If you want your entire face threaded, the process might take up to 15 or 20 minutes depending on the intensity of your hairs. For the eyebrows, it usually takes 5 to 7 minutes for professionals to thread you. Furthermore, the upper lip part of your face takes only 3 minutes.

How Often Do You Have to Thread Your Eyebrows?

Thread Your Eyebrows

How often do you have to thread your eyebrows? While every person has a different type of hair that grows differently regarding speed and intensity, professionals say in their experience people go as long as 4 weeks between threading sessions.

After the first two weeks, you might experience a return of hairs that peek above the surface of the skin.

But if you want to get your eyebrows shaped then you should wait full 4 weeks.

Otherwise, you can go to the salon anytime for a regular cleanup of hairs.

Does Eyebrow Threading Hurt?

Does eyebrow threading hurt? There is a common misconception when it comes to the feeling threading causes.

Namely, clients describe the sensation to be tingling and unusual but far from painful in all cases. If you are afraid to try in the beginning, ask your aesthetician or threading tech to thread a not so sensitive part of your face or body like the arm so more or less you know what to expect.