Effective Spider Vein Treatment only at CoLaz

Ladies, do you use full coverage foundation because you are self-conscious about the purplish lines that run across your nose and cheeks? Do you wear long pants even in the hot summer to hide the veins on your legs?

While they are not a serious medical issue, most people want spider vein treatment for personal or cosmetic reasons. Not only Caucasians but also Asians with fair complexion can suffer from them. CoLaz has just the right solution for you to get rid of these.

CoLaz offers the most durable treatments or spider veins or thread veins at absolutely affordable prices. The benefits that it offers to you is that you can move about confidently,not having to worry how to camouflage it.

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What are Spider Veins?

Telangiectasias, or spider veins, are small blood vessels near the surface of the skin that become enlarged or dilated, making them easier to be seen than other surface veins. They usually appear as blue, purple, or red thread-like lines that sometimes cluster and resemble a vine or spider web. They are a result of weak or damaged valves in the veins that cause pooling of blood and swelling.

Spider veins most commonly develop on the ankles, calves, behind the knee, or the outside of the thighs, although some people have them on their face or back. And don’t confuse spider veins with the larger and deeper varicose veins, which can be blue, red, or flesh-colored.

Spider veins can be a nuisance, but you don’t have to banish shorts or swimsuits forever. We offer effective treatments that can eliminate or slow the progression of unsightly veins so you can feel confident no matter what you’re wearing.

CoLaz brings to you two of the best and the most efficient spider vein treatments.

Advanced Electrolysis for Spider Vein Treatment

Our clinicians use an extremely thin sterilized disposable needle connected to a special electrolysis unit that produces a tiny electrical charge. We insert the needle into the spider veins, one by one, and pass the electrical charge into the needle.

The electrical current produces enough heat to cauterize or seal the veins, which prevents any more blood flowing through them. Once sealed, the vein is effectively useless and may be simply reabsorbed or removed by the body.

The treatment sessions typically last for up to one hour. It’s likely that more than one session will be required to ensure complete removal with the first session taking the longest. The removal is permanent and the treated veins will not recur once the electrolysis destroys them.

Laser Therapy For Removal Of Spider Veins

We recommend laser therapy if your spider veins have not responded to other methods of removal, including
electrolysis. We will apply a local anesthetic to the area and then use a probe to send an intense beam of focused light into the vein. The vein is then destroyed by sealing the blood vessels that feed the growth.

Spider veins on nose and face areas are embarrassing: erase them at colaz

Spider veins on nose, ear, chin, and other areas on your face can cause you embarrassment and shyness when you would otherwise be social and confident. These show up on nearly half of the UK population at one point or another.

If you’re one of those thousands of people with visible veins, you’re not without options. Laser treatment for spider veins on the nose is one of the most affordable and effective ways to solve this common blemish problem, and CoLaz can provide it.

Why Spider Veins Show Up On Your Face

If you have spider veins on your nose or other facial areas, you may be wondering, “Why me? Why here?” It does seem as if the face is a cruel place for such noticeable lines to show up, but it’s not completely random or bad luck.

Spider veins are the result of faulty valves, which are supposed to keep blood from leaking back into the vein after blood is pumped out to the heart. Therefore, the soft tissue in the face is very statistically likely to experience vein breakage at some point in your life.

“Mattings” or clusters of many spider veins can accumulate over your nose and cheeks until you need layers of thick makeup to even go outdoors.

Do You Have Spider Veins On Legs, Ankles, Or Thighs? Colaz Laser Treatments Are Your Solution

The condition of little blue and red lines showing up through light skin on the legs is not dangerous, but it is annoying and embarrassing. However, there is an affordable and accessible solution that allows you not to have to deal with them anymore.

Don’t go around wearing pants in the summer or otherwise covering your legs and ankles. At CoLaz, the spider vein treatment cost is most affordable. Laser therapy is the most effective spider vein treatment because the intense beam of bright light absorbs into the dark vein, using thermal energy to make it disappear for good. This is notably more proactive than other methods that simply cover up the damage a leaky vein will keep depositing if the vein is not cauterised.

After a few treatments from CoLaz, you can say goodbye to those persistent blue spider veins on legs and ankles. Spider veins come from a number of different causes:

All of these factors play into your likelihood for developing this condition of veins. However, the good news is even if you have several of these risk factors, you can treat veins that have already shown up and even often prevent new ones.

To prevent future veins as best you can, wear sunscreen, get lots of exercise to contribute to good circulation, and eat a diet high in fiber.

However, if you have already become prey to this problem of, you can simply book an appointment with or drop in at any of our locations.

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