Permanent Eye Makeup Application

Lets You Wake Up Pretty and Polished Everyday

Permanent eye makeup can enhance the beauty and color of your eyes while also giving you a younger more refreshed appearance.

Are your brows too thin and sparse?

Are your lashes too pale?

Do you have white or brown spots on your eyelids or have difficulty applying eyeliner in a nice, clean line?

Eye makeup can be a challenge to apply, especially if you wear contacts, have shaky hands, or have eyes that water easily. And, even if it looks perfect when you leave the house in the morning, we all know how quickly it can smudge, smear, run, or flake.

Permanent eye makeup is the ideal way to have a clean, polished, professional look all the time. Even after exercising, walking in the rain, crying, or ruthlessly rubbing your tired, over-worked eyes, you will still look great!

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Permanent Eyebrows

If you have sparse or pale eyebrows, you probably know the frustration of trying to use a pencil to achieve the perfect shape. Drawing on your eyebrows really doesn’t look natural, not to mention the fact that you have to be concerned about smearing or wiping them off if you inadvertently rub your face. Using pigment injections to create a permanent eyebrow will allow you to have the look you desire without the hassle of daily application. A skilled technician will help you choose the shape and color to suit your facial structure and skin tone so that the results will look very natural.

A technique known as “feather touch”, also referred to as “hair stroke method”, or “soft tap” is used. Each stroke is placed individually, by hand, using alternating colors, which mimics the way the hairs would appear in a natural brow.

Permanent Eyeliner

Eyeliner is one of the most difficult types of makeup to apply. Do you have problems with your eye twitching or blinking or wrinkling up so that you just can’t seem to get that nice, neat line? Eyeliner pencils smear and fade while the liquid liner always seems to flake.

Permanent eyeliner can add depth, definition, and maybe even a little drama to your eyes without all the fuss and frustration of daily application. You can choose a thin or thick line, outline the entire eye or just a portion, or have it extend beyond the corner of your eye for a more artful look.

Many people prefer a simple black that can be enhanced with conventional makeup when desired, but the choice of color and design is a personal preference that can be customized to individual needs and personality.

Permanent Eyeshadow

Permanent eyeshadow is not as popular as eyeliner since many people like to match the color of their shadow with their clothing. However, those who typically choose neutral shades or tend to wear the same basic colors everyday may find the procedure beneficial.

More than one color can be applied to create a professionally shaded look. And, if you choose light enough shades, permanent eyeshadow can be easily covered with over-the-counter options if you want the occasional change.

Permanent Eyelashes

Using the tattooing technique can create the illusion of thicker lashes, making it one of the most popular permanent makeup procedures. Small dots of pigment are placed on the skin between each lash, creating a thicker lash line and making lashes appear more lush.

This is a nice alternative for those who are looking for a little eye enhancement but do not want to have false eyelashes applied.

Most of the permanent eye makeup procedures will take about two hours. After the initial application, the technician will likely ask you to come back in 4-8 weeks for any necessary touch-ups. Keep in mind that the color will appear about 20-40% darker at first, but will fade as the top layers of skin exfoliate off.

The pigment in injected beneath the surface of the skin, but the top layer will also receive the color. Since this layer consists of many “dead” cells, they will eventually slough away and the color left behind will be much lighter. So, it may take a few weeks to see the final results.

You can expect some tenderness, redness, swelling, and possibly scabbing for about a week following the application. Your skin should gradually return to normal as it heals and you will be left with beautiful, radiant eyes.

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