What is IPL and How Does It Work



IPL means Intense Pulsed Light and it is a process or a method of removing unwanted hair. Over the years, there has been confusion about what is more effective of the two, but given sufficient experience to using both; the most effective hair removal apparently comes with lasers and not IPL.

Does ipl work?

Though it is a given fact that both lasers and IPL can be effective tools for removing unwanted hair for both men and women, realistically speaking lasers have a safer bond and are more flexible for treating darker skin types as compared to IPL hair removal.

What causes pigmentation?

IPL is least effective and has the most side effects for darker skin types because it does not have the correct wavelength range to effectively treat dark skin.

Some down-sides of using IPL for hair removal is it can seriously hurt you, like leaving light brown freckle type spots on skin, extreme pain, sores and burns. It can also lead to blistering and pigmentation of the skin.

IPL poses a higher risk of burning your skin while the laser is much safer. Also, IPL is more painful due to the tendency to heat the epidermal melanin more than what a laser does.

The use of IPL is very uncertain especially when you leave your fate in the hands of a total stranger who may come out to be an incompetent operator. It may be cheaper than laser but it will not be worth the risk.

Laser scores better than ipl

Laser, on the other hand, is more effective for the treatment of excessive hair, also known as HYPERTRICHOSIS or an abnormal hair growth in one’s body.

One great advantage of laser is the ability to modulate its pulse width, power, and treatment size therefore it advances its efficiency.

Most laser hair removal studies show that comparatively more permanent hair reduction can be achieved with laser hair removal than with IPL.

It only demonstrates that Lasers work the best when it comes to permanently removing unwanted hair.

Many great clinics are performing thousands of hair removal treatments with the laser systems in all skin types, African American and Hispanic skin, with great effectiveness. Genuine laser is surely worth it.