Laser Hair Removal In UK?

How Much Is Cost

By the melanin or pigment in the hair follicles. Though the procedure works on people with all kinds of skins and hair colors, most satisfactory results are obtained in case of people having darker hair on the lighter skin.

The process delivers relatively permanent results, destroying nearly eighty percent of all hairs in the area that is treated and the hair that may grow up generally has a finer texture and lighter color.

Compared to the other known ways of removing unwanted hair, laser hair removal is certainly more expensive. Many would like to opt for this treatment if they were informed about its cost.

As you’ll soon realize, it’s difficult to quote one figure for such a treatment as there are quite a few factors that determine the overall cost of hair removal.

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Chapter 1

Cost Of Laser Hair Removal In UK

Factors affecting the cost of laser hair removal in UK

  • Size of Area: The cost is in direct proportion to the size of the area needing hair removal. For examples, you’ll need to spend a lot more in case of hair removal from legs, compared to your lip or chin.
  • Density: Thickness or density of hair is another factor for cost consideration. The thicker the hair, the more is the cost. You can understand that removing hair from men’s back is far more difficult than from the upper lip of females.
  • Treatments: Certain areas require more treatments than others. Because of the complexity of the problem, you are often recommended to go for more than one session to ensure efficient removal of hair.
  • Skin Color: It may sound unusual but it is realized that people having darker skin need to pay more, as they frequently require additional sessions, keeping in mind that the best results are obtained when you have lighter skin with dark hair.
  • Location of clinic: The area where the clinic is situated can also influence the price significantly.
  • Reputation: Reputation of the clinic and the doctor supervising the process can also affect the price of the treatment.

Chapter 2

What Is Included In Cost

A free consultation would normally be included before the start of treatment. The professional would inform you of the options you have and what would deliver the best results in your case.
Before starting the procedure hair on top of the skin is trimmed to some extent.

After this is done, the laser automatically adjusts to the color, thickness, and tone of skin.

During the course of the application of the laser, each pulse will leave a mark of the size of a dime to quarter in the area from which hair is removed.

Depending on the amount of hair to be removed from the area, each session could last from just a few minutes to one hour.

Chapter 3

Determining Cost Of Treatment In UK

Some clinics may charge per every ten or fifteen minutes, subject a minimum charge but may charge additional fees such as facility fees, surgeon fees and more. Check out the final expense beforehand.

You should also know that most insurance companies won’t cover this treatment.
Some clinics charge a flat rate, not considering how long the treatment may be or how large be the area. This works out economical for people who want larger areas to be treated.

There are clinics that charge as per the number of laser pulses used. A laser pulse can remove 100 strands of hair.

In such a case, initial sessions are more expensive but the successive sessions will be cheaper as the amount of hair gets reduced.

Chapter 4

The Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Here are the average prices per treatment:

  • The chin area and upper lip £43-£50 each, full beards £86-£100, full-face laser hair removal £103-£120.
  • Removing hair in the upper eyebrows may cost £43-£50 while the cost of hair removal in the area of chest and abdomen area could cost £86-£100 each
  • A full back laser hair removal treatment costs £171-£200.
  • Treatment in the hands and feet would cost £43-£50 each.
  • For a full arm treatment, the cost is £171-£200 while a full leg treatment will cost £257-£300.
  • The cost for underarm treatment varies from £43 to £50.
  • Cost of removing hair in the bikini area £60-£70.

Chapter 5

How Many Sessions Do You Need?

The prices listed above are what you will pay for per treatmentYou have to multiply this by the number of sessions you will need.


• The upper lip will need 3-8 sessions with 1 minute treatment time only.

• The chin will need 3-8 sessions with 5-10 minutes treatment time.

• The face will need 3-8 sessions with 15-30 minutes treatment time.

• The bikini line will need 3-8 sessions with 15-30 minutes treatment time.

• A man’s back will need 3-8 sessions with 60-120 minutes treatment time.

• The shoulders will need 3-8 sessions with 30-60 minutes treatment time.

• The legs (from ankle to bikini line) will need 3-8 sessions with 60-120 minutes treatment time.


However, the price shouldn’t be the only criterion for deciding any particular clinic.

Although there is no dearth of spas and other walk-in clinics performing laser hair removal, convenience and price shouldn’t overrule health and safety concerns.

Make sure to patronize a certified physician to guarantee a safe and effective outcome.

Like any other medical procedure and products, you should consult with a couple of physicians to arrive at a balance of quality and cost.