Diamond Peel Treatment:

All the Information You Need

On the market nowadays there are plenty of facial treatments and different products that promise flawless, glowing skin within days.

Whenever you feel compelled to make a choice for one of these facial treatments, always go for the most natural one.

Today, we discuss diamond peel as such.

You see, the diamond peel treatment doesn’t use any harmful chemicals that can cause an imbalance to the surface of the skin.

It is rather a mechanical exfoliation technique that works quite similarly to microdermabrasion.

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What is Diamond Peel Facial

What is diamond peel facial? Diamond peel facial is a treatment that is surficial and completely noninvasive that is able to remove the old layer of your skin in order to reveal a brighter, more youthful skin that is hidden underneath with the usage of the abrasive diamond tip.

This instrument used in a diamond skin polishing treatment is crystal-free and is able to loosen and remove dirt and dead cells as well as debris that makes your skin look dull and harsh instead of glowingly soft in a completely noninvasive matter.

While the diamond tip does all this, the wand’s suction component is able to vacuum away all the unwanted matter from the surface of the skin.

This is, in fact, the difference of diamond microdermabrasion vs crystal microdermabrasion.

What is the Use of Diamond Peel?

What is the use of diamond peel? The use of the diamond peel treatment is to peel away any unwanted skin residue, get rid of acne causes on your skin and any excess oil.

People also find the purpose of diamond peel in smoothing out fine wrinkles and lines by digging into the surface of the skin and also to even out patchy complexion.

The diamond peel done in regular treatments over time is able to reduce mild to moderate acne breakouts without the use of any other products and harmful chemicals.

What are the Benefits of Micro-Needling

What are the benefits of micro needling? The diamond peel benefits are quite numerous. People report softer skin and brighter complexion and those are the reasons why they undergo this treatment in the first place. Here are some of the benefits of micro needling noted:

Is Diamond Microdermabrasion Painful

Is diamond microdermabrasion painful?

No, microdermabrasion is not a painful facial skin treatment because it does not require any invasive surgical procedures or discomforting injections.

The reason why it doesn’t cause any pain and why people prefer the forever flawless diamond peel over all other treatments is that it uses an abrasive diamond tip with which it gently exfoliates the skin leaving only a lingering, warming sensation that people report as positive.

Furthermore, there is a vacuuming tip on the hand-piece that also won’t cause any pain, but you might feel sucking or vacuuming your skin. This also improves circulation temporarily.

Because this treatment doesn’t use any harmful chemicals and other artificial skin products that leave your skin red for several days at a time, you will not experience any soreness, stinging or pain during or after the diamond microdermabrasion facial treatment.

This is in fact, the difference of diamond peel vs facial treatment. However, note that there is a possibility for you to feel slightly flushed only because your old skin layer was removed and the new underneath emerged.

What to Expect After Micro Needling

What to expect after micro needling?

As we said before, you should not feel any pain or soreness on your skin after a diamond peel facial.

If you do, please contact your dermatologist and let them know so they can examine the problem and give you something to soothe your skin.

The diamond peel before and after results are astonishing in everyone who underwent this treatment.

If you’re looking for any diamond peel tips, we are happy to help. Namely, after your diamond peel facial treatment, the layer of your skin that has just been revealed is more sensitive to sunlight and to makeup and its harmful chemicals.

In order to protect it, apply generous layers of natural creams instead of wearing sunscreens. Consider going to a natural store with organic cosmetics and buying some that have the least amount of ingredients.

Preferably the main ingredient such as marigold plant and glycerin or some other nourishing oils that will calm the skin and stop any irritation. Stay away from too many moisturizing creams because their hydrational effects wear off quickly, leaving your skin dry.

Lastly, consult your dermatologist if you need a good, after-treatment cream or lotion based on your skin type.