Acne Treatment: You Need to Know First

Is There a Cure for Acne

If you are wondering if there a cure for acne, the answer is a simple yes. You can easily cure acne with a proper acne treatment.

However, this can happen only when you find what is right for you. What your diagnose is, what causes your acne, how long does it take for an acne treatment to work, and so on.

The not so simple answer to all your questions lies in your doctor’s office. Your professional dermatologist will make certain examinations and tests on your skin.

Through basic questions about your lifestyle will be able to create a picture that will represent the reasons you have acne in the first place.

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Then, through acne treatment that suits your particular skin type will be able to cure your acne efficiently. However, there are some basic things you should know about acne in general, the treatments, the time of their full effect, possible medication, etc.

So here, you have come to the right place to have all your acne questions answered. Read below and find what applies to you:


Do Acne Treatments Work

“Do acne treatments work?” is the most common question men and women ask when they start a treatment or consider taking certain acne treatment. Yes, acne treatments work every time. The real question is have you found the best acne cure for you.

In order to know this, you need to know your skin type, what causes your acne (hint: it’s usually the food and the lifestyle) and how far you are willing to go to cure your skin. The best way to find an acne treatment that works is to visit a professional dermatologist’s office and go through a thorough examination of your skin. While there are other ways, and other products to cure your skin of acne, this is the safest, most recommended one.

How Long Does it Take for an Acne Product to Work

How long does it take for an acne product to work? Well, the answer is 8 to 12 weeks. I know you just cannot wait to have your face all cleared up and glowing, but be persistent.

A little patience goes a long way. You see, skin cells replenish completely in 4 to 5 weeks’ time, and in order to get full results out of your treatment, you need to wait at least double the time.

The reason for this is that treatments need to be gentle on your skin while still making changes. You don’t want those chemicals burning through your skin, right? So stay calm and take that acne treatment consistently.

What Age Does Acne Usually Go Away

If you ask “at what age does acne usually go away?” it’s usually after the teenage years. In fact, 83% of the teenagers around the world experience breakouts of acne all over their face. Girls see this at the age of 11 or 12, and for boys, it’s around 13, at the onset of puberty.

After the age of 18 or 20 for some, the acne should go away on their own. This doesn’t mean you should wait and not treat them. It only means this is when they will stop emerging from the skin so often.

Can I Take Antibiotics For Acne?

Can I take antibiotics for acne? The answer is Yes. There are two forms of antibiotics for your acne. The topical products which are available in all kinds of creams, gels, solutions, and even lotions, and the systemic antibiotics that you take orally. The later ones circulate throughout the body and into sebaceous glands more easily as they aren’t limited to getting into the skin from outside in.

But if only it was that simple. There are risks in taking antibiotics as an acne treatment. The real situation is that using antibiotics only, as an acne treatment may increase the risk of getting more bacteria on your skin. Read along to know more.

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Can Acne Treatments Stop Working?

Can acne treatments stop working? Unfortunately, yes. This is because your bacteria might become resistant to the antibiotics and will stop responding to any treatment.

However, using benzoyl peroxide along with the topical antibiotics will increase the sensitivity of your skin to the treatment, reducing the chance of getting antibiotic resistance.

Acne and Pregnancy

As we age, our glands produce less oil and sebum, making our skin less prone to acne. However, there’s still a group of people who might get acne in their late 20s and 30s. These are pregnant women. The reason behind it is that hormones work in such way to increase the oil production and again, you might develop acne as in high school.

Luckily there are treatments and solutions if you’re facing this challenge, as you can read below.

Can You Use Acne Products When Pregnant?

Are you wondering if you can use acne products when pregnant? Yes, you can. But if so, then you should first and foremost consult with your doctor in order to find what is the safest for you and your baby. No worries though, there are solutions and they are pretty effective.

What Acne Medications Are Safe During Pregnancy?

What acne medications are safe during pregnancy?

Namely, you should avoid all products that contain salicylic acids and all other skin peeling acids because they may lead to birth defects.

On the other hand, products and antibiotics which contain benzoyl peroxide, according to studies, are safe for pregnant women to use.

What Is The Strongest Treatment For Acne?

So what is the strongest treatment for acne? After all this information the strongest treatment for acne is the one you get in your dermatologist’s office. You might try with antibiotics, peels, natural and over the counter, but if you want results fast and efficient, then an acne treatment customized to your skin type and the particular problem will always be the best, and the safest way to get a beautiful, acne-free skin.