8 Common Question About Acne Treatment

That You Need to Know (Updated)

According to ancient practices like Ayurveda, the face is the reflection of your overall health. Whatever issue occurs within your body; it appears through the skin on the face.

This is better known as an Ayurveda acne face map, where different places of acne spots show different problems and complications of the organs. This tells you that you have to cure your body on the inside first.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get acne treatment and facial treatments to cure acne. In fact, it is recommended to do so while healing your health. This being said, here are some things you should know about ways to heal acne through treatments:

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What is the Best Treatment for Acne

Treatment for Acne

There are many popular acne treatments that people do at home, however, the safest option is to consult with a professional dermatologist at first. Depending on the skin condition and the severity of the acne, he or she will either prescribe certain acne treatments or medicaments or tell you to apply something homemade on your own.

Besides this, the best treatment for acne first and foremost would be to cut all junk food, refined sugars, and dairy. Within just a month you will notice a significant clearance of the skin. This will also help speed up the acne treatment you will be taking.

Do Extractions Work For Acne

Many people are tempted to pop (extract) a pimple when they see one.

However, this can be a dangerous thing if you do it often. When done by a skilled professional, the popping of an acne can clear the entire thing thoroughly.

But when done at home it might push the bacteria further into the skin and cause other severe complications and redness. This is why you should always let a dermatologist do this for you.

Also, scarring’s are much more likely to appear when you do the extraction of a pimple.

Can You be Cured of Acne

Many people with severe acne problems are afraid that this problem won’t ever go away. However, every organ of the body, including the skin, is able to heal and regenerate itself.

This means that if you apply the proper acne treatment and you eat healthily you will be able to generate new, healed, glowing skin.

Facial Acne Treatment Guide

The best thing you can do, as we said before, is to contact a professional dermatologist and schedule your facial acne treatment. Here is some important information on facials you need to know prior visiting the doctor’s office:

Is Facial Good for Acne

If you’re wondering whether facial treatment can cure acne the answer is yes. It cures acne very effectively without leaving a trace or a scar behind.

What Does a Facial Do for Acne

Facial treatment of your acne works on improving the appearance of the skin in general. The reason why they’re so effective is that procedures differ based on your skin type. If you’re at home, you’d be stuck doing the same thing which might not bring you results.

The message is done during a facial boosts the blood to flow and bring you nourishment which then has regenerative abilities to the skin’s cells. Sometimes machines are used to extract pimples and dead skin cells during the facial which is very efficient.

Also a facial on its own is therapeutic because of its relaxing properties when the message is done right.

Can Facial Remove Acne Marks

Maybe you have removed your acne, or they have disappeared on their own by changing your lifestyle and food. But now, chances are you still have acne marks. These are possible to be regenerated by the skin itself by removing dead cells and regenerating them with new, but the process is long and slow.

For some people, it never happens naturally. Luckily, you have facial treatments at your disposal. The acids and other products used during a facial is able to boost the production of new skin cells while the machines are removing the dead, damaged ones.

So yes, facial can remove acne marks and scars. [Visit Our Store: Colaz Store For Skin products]

How Often Should You Get a Facial if You Have Acne

The answer to this question really depends on your skin type, the severity of the acne condition, your age, and even your budget.

A professional will tell you best but take into consideration that if you want to take a good care of your skin, once a month is perfect. The reason is that your skin regenerates itself every 30 days. This means that it pushes the dead cells out to be removed, and new ones emerge on the surface.

By having a facial once, a month you help your skin get rid of those and glow.

How Much Is a Facial For Acne

This is different from person to person and it greatly depends on where you live. Usually, a facial acne treatment costs around $75 up to $300 depending on the severity of your acne issue.