Get Bikini Electrolysis To Stop Waxing Once And For All

Bikini electrolysis is a great solution if you never want to shave or wax again.

If you're like most women, you probably want a break from all the body hair maintenance.

Summer is the time when you deserve to be carefree and not have to spend time and money each week getting rid of pesky bikini hair.

Good News! Brazilian waxes are no longer the only option for being smooth and hair free down there— enjoy permanent results with consecutive electrolysis from CoLaz.

What Does Electrolysis Offer That Laser Doesn’t?

Laser hair removal is a great option for people with dark hair, light skin, large areas of hair to be treated, and not a lot of time to commit to the procedure. With electrolysis, the process is more time consuming, but this equals out to how long-lasting the results are.

Permanent removal of pubic hair with electrolysis involves inserting a small probe into the skin next to the hair follicle and administering a small electric jolt to destroy the follicle permanently.

This is ideal for the pubic region, because the hair is usually coarse and curled, which can lead to ingrown hair if it grows back after shaving, waxing, or even laser removal.

How Is Bikini Electrolysis Different?

First, let's take a look at the different procedures for permanent and semi-permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal is great for treating large patches of dark hair and light skin at once. If however, you have curly or coarse hair (like most people's bikini-region hair), light colored hair, or a very delicate area to treat, electrolysis might be the option better suited for your situation.

It works and produces permanent results because the procedure is entirely different than laser hair removal. A small probe is inserted into the skin next to where the desired hair is to be removed.

Then the trained technician will administer a small electrical jolt to kill the hair at the root and keep the follicle from growing back. On average, it takes more treatments to successfully and fully remove hair with electrolysis than laser, but the payoff is in the permanent results.

Bikini electrolysis is especially effective because of these characteristics:

Bikini hair grow in a small area, which it is easier to treat. Larger areas of hair may be difficult to treat with electrolysis because of its time consuming nature. Bikini hair is curled and coarse. This texture of hair grows in from all different angles. When you shave or wax, or even use laser hair removal, the hair will eventually come back giving you the risk for ingrown hairs. Electrolysis ensures the hair does not grow back. People with blond hair can also enjoy the benefits of this treatment with no threat of burning or blistering.

Electrolysis Can Be Your Solution

Too many people in the UK feel like they're not as attractive in their private areas as they could be. This can make intimacy embarrassing or even wearing swim suits and undergarments awkward. Permanent pubic hair removal through electrolysis solves this problem.

The process usually takes several applications to be complete, but you can rely on the permanence of the results when you’re finished. The private region is really well suited for this procedure , mainly because of the unique facts of the electrolysis procedure and the body part.

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The hair-free look is in—whether you're a lingerie and swimsuit model, entertainer, or just enjoy not having to constantly maintain your pubic hair.

CoLaz offers complimentary and accurate consultations for hair removal services that can further help you determine which method is best for you.

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