Beauty Queen

by Jackie

When I was a kid, i always admire those beauty queens not only because of their beautiful face but also their flawless skin.
Before i had a perception that if you have hair on your legs or arms that would be more attractive to men than those ladies that don't have. But yes, trend really changes. I was confident with the hair on my legs and arms but I shave my under arms back then. Until a friend told me, "you haven't shave your legs! That is HORRIBLE!"

Wow! I was hurt but it was a reality. So I started shaving my legs and I shave it for years. Though there are things that I don't like when shaving; First, it's time consuming, I have to shave every other day. Huh! Then I started to have hair in grown and I noticed that the razor burns are turning dark. So it's not really good, I'm having dark sports on my legs which is not good.

Then my sister recommend waxing. Thanks to her, she saved me from razor burns. Waxing works for me, I think. My skin became more smoother, and the hairs became thinner. Now aside from leg waxing, I am having a regular bikini waxing, underarms waxing, legs and arms waxing and face waxing. I do it regularly like once a month. Aside from removing hair, it removes dead skins too and my skin is became lighter at some point.

Now I'm thinking of having laser hair removal, but it won't fit my budget yet. But definitely that would be my next plan.

I never thought that I won't have a flawless skin like those beauty queens. Though it's too late, I won't meet their age requirement. But I am already a beauty queen in my own way.

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